Begging for Food

by Nancy

How do I stop my dog from begging for food while I'm trying to eat?

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Nov 27, 2008
Dogs Begging for Food is a NO, NO!
by: Donna -

Hi Nancy,

To stop your dog from begging for food at the table make a simple rule that No One is ever to feed the dog from the table. If you would like to share food with your buddy, put the food in the dish after you are done. The danger in doing this of course is that your dog will wait around for the scraps and not eat his own food. I suggest you wait until everyone has finished and dishes have been cleared. Don't give your dog scraps at every meal, this for the sake of good nutrition as well as training.

When your dog bothers you at the table, push him away and say, "No." or send him to another room. The other thing you can do is put your doggy on a leash and use the "Down-Stay" command during meals.

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