How do you get rid of a dog's seperation anxiety?

by Dan
(Stow, Ohio, USA

Our little puppy can not be home with out us. If she

is home, she only feels safe in her cage. She whines, barks, and jumps at the door even if I am just outside and she can see me. It's as if she has separation anxiety. She has to be by us at all times. Right now you she laying on my feet. Is there any trick to get her to calm down and rule the house while we are gone instead of crying until we come back?

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Oct 09, 2008
Tips for Seperation Anxiety
by: Donna Boras -

Dogs are social creatures and like to be part of a group. They are pack animals and being separated from the pack will cause the individual anxiety. Domestication has not removed this behavioral tendency.

You didn't mention what type of breed you have. Some breeds may be more genetically predisposed to form intense socialites than others.

Coping with a dog with separation anxiety takes patience and perseverance there is no quick fix and will not go away on its own or is something your dog will out grow.

Here are Some Strategies for Coping With Separation Anxiety


2. OBEDIENCE TRAINING with basic commands for seperation anxiety.

3. ENSURE THAT THE DOG GETS ENOUGH EXERCISE - preferably, exercise should be provided by someone other than the person to whom the dog is most attached.

4. TONE DOWN DEPARTURES AND ARRIVALS - Keep your departures and returns low keyed and unexciting. No speaking or giving attention when leaving, no excitement coming back. Ignore all excited behavior and reward or pay attention to all signs of calm behavior. Give your dog an acceptable item to chew or a stuffed kongicon to occupy him when you leave. This
toy should be reserved for your departure so the dog can associate the leaving with a pleasant moment. Practice false departure.

5. In some cases, calming productsiconmay be used in association with retraining, but they do not cure the problem.

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