13 year old Pom with a new puppie in the house

by Carol

We have a 13 yr old Pom wonderful dog. My husband found 3 puppies on the side of the road around 5 to 6 wks old. He took them to the vet to have them checked out and of course had to take a least one of them home. We are big pet lovers but I am concerned on how our 13 yr old will handled this. He is very spoiled and has been the only one for a long time. He does not want to share. Is there a way we can help him to be happy about the new arrangement?

Thanks for the help.

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Jul 22, 2009
Brining a New Puppy into Your Home
by: Donna - dog-beds-n-beyond

Hi Carol,

First of all I would like to say that taking care of those puppies was very admirable.

Most adult dogs, if they have been well socialized, will accept a puppy pretty quickly and young pups are almost always going to be submissive to the resident dog and fit smoothly into a lower pack position.

Basically you need to pay a lot of attention to your Pom so he won't feel left out but, do pamper both of your dogs. Play with your Pom, when the new pup is near, then play with both of them. Your older dog should see the puppy as fun and not be jealous. Also, do one on one activities such as going for walks with each dog .

Your adult dog may be possessive of his belonging so buy new toys, food dishes, dog bed or crate, etc. for the puppy and, if your older dog has any items (special toys, blanket) that he is very possessive of keep those out of reach when they are not in use and supervise carefully when they are in use.

after a few day when he realizes that the new dog is not messing with his possessions and each of them are getting the same attention, he should start feeling less insecure.

You may want to observe pack order with them. Pet them equally, but pet your Older dog first, put the Pom's food down first, his leash on first, etc.

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