Alsatian True Life Dog Tale

An Alsatian Mixed breed dog story, he was with us for 14 years. Snoopy is not with us any more. There is a lot to tell about him.

One particular thing about him which was very endearing to us, he would like the whole family to go fora walk after dinnerIt was not possible for any of us to stay back. He would sit on his haunches and wait patiently for all four of us to joinhim. Time to time he would turn back to look if every one was there.


Once I wanted to sit on a bench in the park, but my family wanted to go back home. It led to an argument. My husband said,ok you sit here we are going. I too said, fine, go. But my darling dog refused to budge an inch. My husband tried everytrick in the book to make him move. The moment I got up from the bench Snoopy too stood up. He really made me feel wanted that day. It used to be family time. A time to have fun together.

Today he is not there to take us all for a walk and we miss him terribly.


Characteristics of the Alsatian...

This breed in a herding dog and Originated in Germany. They are medium to large in size.

The main characteristics of the breed are trainable, intelligence, obedience, courage, devotion and loyalty to the owner.It is known for its keen nose, which allows detecting drugs, sniffing out underground mines and gas leaks as well asrescuing people.

This breed makes a good pet but should be socialized with people and other dogs at an early age.

They enjoy work and look to their owners to provide tasks to enable them to meet their instincts and be rewarded accordingly.

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