Chihuahua Toys

Chihuahua Toys

This is about a Chihuahua named Dolce and Mr. Lamb and was submitted by Jamie. It is one of the cutest dog stories we have received.

I have a very cute 8 year old Chi. He loves to take naps, but never alone. He has a collection of his "chihuahua toys" or stuffed animals that are never too far from him. Whenever he is going to take a nap somewhere in the house, he is sure to bring either his mini mouse doll, or his little stuffed lamb.


He carries the lamb around like a trophy and makes sure he is always safe. We have started to call him "Mr. Lamb." He treats Mr. Lamb as his little puppy. He walks around with him in his mouth and licks him as if he is cleaning him. Sometimes I think he even wants to take him along on our walks! I wake up some mornings to Dolce re-arranging his little stuffed animal collection. He always has mini close by, but Mr. Lamb is by far his favorite. When ever we go on trips, or take a visit to my mother’s house, I am sure to bring his little friends. I also have a cat named Tiffany, and Dolce makes sure that Tiffany doesn't take Mr. Lamb. She never would, but you can tell he gets very protective of him when she is around. If Mr. Lamb is on the couch or bed, and Tiffany jumps up near him, Dolce will race across the room and grab Mr. Lamb and whisk him away!

He also likes to share his treats with him. If I give Dolce a treat he will first place it next to Mr. Lamb (and of course he can’t eat it) then after a while, Dolce will eat it. I'm sure if Dolce had puppies, he would make an excellent father! He is a very loving and endearing Chihuahua!

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