Dog Flea Treatment and Prevention

"Man could learn much from his dog:
to be a true friend, to be faithful, and
to appreciate those who love him."

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  • 1. Dog Flea Treatment
  • 2. Outdoor Beds & Tents
  • 3. Featured breed - Golden Retriever
  • 4. Doggy Facts & Tips
  • 5. Featured Product
  • 6. Recipe of the Month
  • 7. Dogs in the News
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Dog Flea Treatment and Prevention

The "dog days of summer" are here - the nice weather, vacation, barbecues, etc. but, it is also the "High Season for the Dreaded Fleas."

Dogs are a prime target for these nasty pests to munch on and, your canine friend will bring them inside your home.

Please read these articles on Dog Flea Treatment and Flea Pet Control if you would like to keep your pet and home "FLEA FREE."

If you are planning some trips in the great outdoors with your faithful friend I have posted a review page of some outdoor bed options to make the experience more enjoyable for your pet. A Dog Tent is a another item the outdoor dog would appreciate.

Featured Breed of the Month

Golden Retriever

Originating from the British Isles, the Golden Retriever is intelligent and easily trained. This lovable breed makes a great family dog and is gentle with children, loyal, eager to please, confident, likes to be around people and needs consistent and strong leadership.

The Retriever should be exercised daily, brisk walks, jogging or playing ball and they like to swim. They can be hyper if not exercised enough (both mental and physical) and tend to put on weight if over fed.

The Golden Retriever will warn you if a stranger approaches making a good guard dog but they are unlikely to attack.

Other Information...

-They have a medium haired coat that is easy to groom and are an average shedder.
-Height: Dogs 22-24 inches
-Weight: Dogs 60-80 pounds
-Life expectancy is about 10-12 years.
-Prone to cancer, hip dysplasia, congenital eye defects and skin allergies.
-Used as a guide for the blind, a therapy dog, service dog for the disabled, hunting and tracking, and for detecting narcotics.

Doggy Facts - Did You Know...

-Puppies have 28 temporary teeth by 3-4 weeks old and by 4 months the average dog has 42 permanent teeth.

-Female dog bites are twice as numerous as male dog bites.

-Most domestic dogs are capable of reaching speeds of 32 km's per hour. The greyhound family of canine may reach speeds up to 70 km's per hour.

-Like people, dogs are either right or left handed or "pawed," according to the "Institute for the Study of Animal Problems."

-A dogs' primary method of keeping cool is through panting. Sweat glands are only found in a the canine footpads making it less efficient for cooling off than for humans who have sweat glands throughout their body.

Featured Product

Canine Cooler Bed and K-9 Cooling Jacket

The Canine Cooler is not just a bed but a comfort device that is a great way for your best buddy to beat the summer heat. Using the rules of thermodynamics the Canine Cooler bed will actually draw heat from your dog's body. Just add water, no electricity. The fluid based design provides soft comfort and support for your pet's joints. Low maintenance - just wipe to clean and it comes with a one year warranty.

Another great option is the K-9 Cooling Jacket.

The easy to use K-9 dog cooling jacket relieves and absorbs your dog's body heat by an evaporation system. Keeps your dog cool and dry. Jackets come in reflective colors for night time visibility.

Both Coolers ON SALE NOW! Your pet will will love you for it!

Recipe of the Month from our Dog Recipe Box

Doggie Pupsicycles

This is a quick and easy way to cool your dog. Outside is probably the best way to serve this.

1 1/2 cups beef or chicken broth 1/2 cup water 2 ice cube trays Rawhide sticks (small)

Mix broth and water ice cube trays. Place in freezer and when they are partially frozen, add a rawhide stick. Freeze until solid.

Dogs in the News

New research shows babies have a handle on the meaning of different dog barks

Infants just 6 months old can match the sounds of an angry snarl and a friendly yap to photos of dogs displaying threatening and welcoming body language.

The new findings come on the heels of a study from the same Brigham Young University lab showing that infants can detect mood swings...

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