The Dog Scoop September Issue - Dogs Anal Glands & How to Keep Them Healthy!

"Man could learn much from his dog:
to be a true friend, to be faithful, and
to appreciate those who love him."


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Welcome to the September 2009 Issue of The Dog Scoop Newsletter - The ezine your dog knows has his best interests at heart and wants you to read.

Hope you and your dog had a great summer!

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  • 1. Dogs Anal Glands
  • 2. Where to Find a Reputable Dog Breeder
  • 3. Featured breed - Japanese Chin
  • 4. Training Tips
  • 5. Featured Product
  • 6. Halloween Costumes
  • 7. Recipe of the Month
  • 8. Dogs in the News
  • 9. September Specials, Sales & Clearance Items

Dogs Anal Glands

We often receive questions regarding the health of these glands. If this is a subject that interests you please read the new article posted on our site -Dogs Anal Glands"...

Where to Find a Reputable Dog Breeder?

If you are looking for new dog and are not sure where to find a “reputable dog breeder.” The best place to start is the kennel clubs (American Kennel Club, Canadian Kennel Club, Australian National Kennel, The Kennel Club of UK, Philippine Canine Club, and others), breed organizations or breed clubs. These clubs maintain a list of reputable breeders that they can refer you to. Dog shows are another place you will find reputable breeders or better yet visit your local shelter and adopted a dog that needs a loving home.

Featured Breed of the Month

Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin originated in Japan and each noble house bred to their own standards so there are many variations of the Chin. They belong to the toy group and are similar to the Pekingese but thought to have evolved from the Tibetan Spaniel.

Average Weight: 7-11 lbs but can go as high as 20 lbs and as low as 4 lbs.

Physical Characteristics: Long silky coat with a heavily feathered tail that curls up over their back.

Health: The Chin is fragile and some are prone to health issues which include, patellar luxation, roach back, premature loss of teeth, heart murmurs & congestive heart failure, juvenile cataracts, seizures and umbilical hernia.

Life Expectancy: 12 to 18 years

Grooming: should be brushed daily and are medium shedders.

Temperament: playful, loving, intelligent, independent, like to be the center of attention, obedient and alert.

Other Information: have low energy so do not need a lot of exercising, are not good with small children, quiet but will alert you if strangers are approaching, make good watch dogs and have no odor.

The Japanese Chin is almost cat-like because it uses its paws to wash and wipe its face, prefers to rest on high surfaces and has very good balance so you will find them walking in odd places like the back of furniture.

This is a good breed for the elderly, homes without small children and apartment dwellers.

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Dog Training Tips

- For effective dog training, consistency is the key. Use the same command in the same order at all times. For instance if you say, "Fido sit" in the morning and "sit down Fido" in the evening. This will confuse your dog and slow the learning process. This goes for actions as well. Training also requires consistency from the whole family consistency.

- A combination of praise and food are great tools for training dogs. It keeps puppies focused but food should be used like gold stars, a terrific motivator but counterproductive if given once your dog begins to respond to the command. Use praise at that point and food every other time and than every third time, the goal is to gradually eliminate food altogether.

- Puppies chew everything and must be closely supervised. If you are too busy to watch your pup, put him in the dog crate or safe area until you can spend time watching him.

Featured Product

Are You Ready For Football!

The new football season is under way - why not get your buddy involved with a team jersey of his choice and there is a "Special" on right now - if you Buy any 3 Dog Clothes Items You Get One Free!

What Your Dog Says About You...

- Own a Beagle? You are inquisitive, willing to learn new things. curious, willful, loyal to friends, tough on enemies and stubborn.

- Own a Cocker Spaniels? you are family oriented and nurturing, gentle, playful, sweet in demeanor and affectionate.

- Own a Pekingese? you are cute, funny, fashionable, like to be pampered, sense of humor have a regal air and city-chic

- Sporting dog owner (Collie, Shepherd, Doberman) You are strong and in control without being aggressive, cool under pressure, serious, moral and ethical

Halloween is just around the corner and many of our best friends like to take part in the Halloween fun - some of course do not and would like to hide out for the evening. If your dog likes to dress up you may be thinking about a costume.

Here are some options to consider...
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Recipe of the Month from our Dog Recipe Box

Doggone Good Biscuits

  • 2 1/2 c Whole wheat flour
  • 1/2 c Powdered dry milk
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 1/2 tsp Garlic powder
  • 1 tsp Brown sugar
  • 6 tb oil
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 1/2 c Ice water

Preheat oven to 350. Lightly oil a cookie tray sheet. Combine flour, milk pdr, salt, garlic powder and sugar. Cut in oil until resembles corn meal. Mix in egg. Add enough water so form a ball. Pat dough out with fingers until 1/2" thick and cut with knife or cookie cutters. Bake 25-30 min. Remove from tray and cool.

Dogs in the News

A politically incorrect pooch delivered a stream of consciousness protest Saturday as Libyan officials rolled out the red carpet for dictator Moammar Khadafy.

Maggie the dog was out for a walk when she responded to the pomp by taking a pee on the lush rug outside the Libyan Mission... Read full story...

If you have a story to tell or a pic to share please use the Dog Tails form or if you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you, please contact Us

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