Always have hope!

by Fabio Figueiredo



This is a true story of a family and their little puppy...

On November 9th 2009 Cindy a little female poodle named Cindy disappeared on IC19(a Portugal highway) after a crash where the car got all wrecked.

That day my Stepfather and my mother took the day off and were sightseeing and they took Cindy with them, while they were on the highway there was a hit and run and the car got out of control. It was my stepfather who was driving and the story he told was this:

"After I was able to stop the car I rushed to take your mom out of the car because she was suffocating with the airbag gas, but as soon as I opened car door Cindy jumped of the car and started running, I ran after her but I just couldn't leave your mother in the car like that."

They were fine but I was not, my mom just had an accident even though she wasn't harmed and my little puppy had disappeared.

We wrote to the newspapers asking for them to post a photo of Cindy and say to whoever finds her to call us.we also posted an advertisement on the Internet on a Portuguese website of lost animals.

A week went by and we were very sad because she was like family to us, one day my mom called saying that Cindy was found.I was so happy, it was a lady who picked her up somewhere near the accident and saw the newspaper advertisement when she was in a hospital reading it.She asked if she could keep Cindy but we couldn't just loose Cindy again after finding her.

Later that day we receive a call from another lady who asked if we already had our puppy, as we answered she explained why she was asking:

"I was in the hospital the other day and was reading the newspaper, coincidently I was reading the advertisement about your lost puppy, and then I heard a conversation of a woman saying she found a puppy exactly like the description on the advertisement and exactly on the spot where the accident was. I went to talk to that lady and asked her more details about the puppy and it was really like the one in the advertisement, so I told the woman the owners were looking for their puppy and asked her to call the number, which she denied using the lame excuse of Finder's keepers. Because of that I threatened her I would call the cops and the woman got scared and agreed to return Cindy. I was just checking if she really had returned the puppy"

We told her how grateful we were and she just said she wanted people to be happy

The reason I'm telling this story is for everyone to know that they shouldn't give up. There is always hope you will find that puppy, kitty or even that dearest person to you.

Don't Loose Hope, Never Give up!

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