Anti Bark Dog Collar Review - Does It Work?

An anti bark dog collar may be necessary if various behavioral modification techniques have been tried but your dog still barks excessively. These collars have been used successfully by many dog trainers and are considered humane and effective for unwanted barking. Used wisely and correctly, a no bark collar is the easiest way to train your pet.

Barking is a natural behavior for our canine friends and it is their only means of vocal communication. Excessive out of control barking, however, is unacceptable and needs to be corrected. If you have ever had issues with a barking dog then you will for sure know how desperate a dog owner can be to correct this frustrating problem.

To stop your dog from barking there are three types of the anti bark dog collar, they all work and will simplifies your training efforts. You can choose from an electronic bark collar/dog shock collar, sonic (emits sound), or the spray type (citonella dog collar).

Why Dogs Bark...

1. Protecting their territory - when someone or another dog comes onto your property it will trigger many dogs to bark, this is not a bad thing. You want your dog to alert you when a stranger approaches. What you do not want is your pet dog excessively barking and/or being aggressive when a friend arrives at your home. You will need to train your dog when it is the proper time to bark.

2. Fear - some dogs will bark continuously at anything that moves or noise that startles them.

3. Boredom - dogs that are left alone for long periods with nothing to do can become bored and lonely and can get in the habit of barking excessively. If this is the case, measures need to be taken so this does not become a habit.

4. Greeting family members - this type of barking along with tail wagging generally shows they are happy to see you.

5. Attention - when your pet wants something, barking is communication. They may want to go outside, water, food, a treat or play.

6. Separation Anxiety - dogs with separation anxiety often display other behavior issues other than compulsive barking when left alone such as elimination in inappropriate places, being destructive, running along a fence and depression.

So what do you do with compulsive barkers? Do not shout at your best friend when he starts barking; ask him to stop barking in a calm voice. Try the praise and reward system when he stops barking. Do not leave your buddy alone regularly for long periods of time. Dogs need attention, exercise and playful interaction. Alternatively, this is where you may want to try an anti bark dog collar; many dog owners have had great success with them. It is certainly an effortless and inexpensive way to train your dog. Most bark collars work automatically so no need to monitor your pet on a consistent basis. These are not recommended for dogs that are fearful, anxious or aggressive.

What are the Types of anti bark dog collar and How do They Work

1. Spray - emits a mist in front of your dog when triggered by the barking. It can be scented, unscented or citronella. Can be automated or controlled by a remote. These have been proven to be the most effective for excessive barkers.

2. Shock - a small static electrical charge or vibration is administered when your dog begins to bark.

3. Sonic - a high pitched sound is released and can only be heard by your dog. It is annoying enough to stop barking, the intensity can be adjusted.

SportDOG SBC 10R

dog shock collar Features of This Anti Bark Dog Collar...

  • 3 mode options for training - learning correction, user selected, and progressive correction
  • waterproof
  • 10 levels of correction
  • automatic cut off which protects against over-correction
  • lifetime limited warranty
  • rechargeable battery

This is a great collar that is priced well, effective and gets very good Customer Ratings and Reviews ****

Multivet Spray Bark Collar Citronella Starter Kit


citronella dog collar

  • comes with 3 cans of
  • proven scientifically to be safe and effective
  • more effective than shock collars
  • no side effects
  • only bark control collar recommended by leading animal experts
  • can be used for dogs of most any size
  • available in odor or odorless Spray
  • easy to use
  • safe for all dogs and puppies
  • satisfaction guaranteed

This is another collar that is well Rated and Reviewed by Customers ****

DOGTEK NoBark Sonic Control Collar


dogtek collar

  • utilizes both vibrations and ultrasonic sounds
  • has an adjustable bark sensor and 3 operating modes
  • lightweight
  • water resistant
  • lifetime limited warranty

Ratings and Reviews ****

Yapper Stopper 500 Electronic anti bark dog Collar from Dogtra

dogtra collar psm These are just some of the Features...

  • 7 levels intensity
  • 2 second delay safety feature
  • designed for dogs 20 lbs. and over
  • rechargeable batteries
  • light weight
  • waterproof

Gets Great Reviews and Rating

Choose the one that would be best for your dog and use it consistently until your pet has stopped the constant barking. These are not harmful to your pet and the learning curb for use is minimal. Try the collar on your best friend before leaving him alone. Most dogs will realize the correlation between the vibration, sound or spray and the barking, but, for some dogs depending on their temperament, may become frightened at first.

A anti bark dog collar will transform your fuzzy friend to a more pleasant canine that is not only quieter but also calmer. Compulsive barking can be very disruptive and unless it can be effectively controlled, out of frustration, many dog owners resort to giving their pets to a shelter, have their vocal cords removed, muzzled or even euthanized. You can stop unnecessary barking with anti-bark collars, giving you and your neighbors peace and quiet.

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