Australian Cattle Dog - Maya's Adoption

By Mandy - Meridian, United States

My dog, Maya, is an Australian Cattle Dog mixed with some kind of pointer (maybe German Pointer,Shorthair?) She is now four years old. We got her from the Humane Society about two and a half years ago.

When we first saw her, we thought she was sort of odd looking, but were very happy to see that she wasn’t barking like the rest of the barking dogs. We took her outside to play a little bit and she was so good! She did not bark once! So, we took her home.

Someone must have taught her how to get adopted, because that dog that didn’t bark did not actually exist! She barks incessantly now – at the doorbell, at the TV, at the cat, at us, at her tail – you name it!

She’s a pretty good dog, overall, but every once in a while, she does things that just raise my blood pressure!

One night, my husband had made dinner and my chicken was sitting on the counter ready to put in the salad. We had a brand new baby, so we were alternating getting our dinner together and holding our daughter. I heard a funny noise coming from the kitchen and when I got there to see what it was, there was our Australian Cattle Dog, Maya with both paws on the counter, eating my chicken strips!I yelled at her and she actually looked at me, looked back at the chicken and continued to eat it! I’m convinced she was calculating how much time she had to eat as much as possible before I got across the kitchen to pull her off the counter! Needless to say, dinner was ruined and I was infuriated! She doesn’t do these things often, but when she does, they’re usually pretty gutsy moves!


Australian Cattle Dog

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