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How can I calm my dog down. She hates to be bathed. When I am giving her a bath she gets really upset and the way she looks I feel like she is going to have a stroke or heart attack. Is there something I can give her to calm her down?

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Nov 17, 2008
Bathtime Stress for Dogs
by: Donna - dog-beds-n-beyond


Some dogs just do not like to be bathed; here are a few suggestions so you will not have to bath as often:

1) Dry shampoos are available but keep in mind that it does not really take the place of a bath because it does not reach the skin. You are going to have to shampoo your doggie at some point but less often.

2) Daily brushing will keep your dog's coat healthy and clean and also maintaining a clean sleeping area are both things you can do to stretch out the time between baths.

When You Must Bath Your Dog:

1) Many dogs that dislike taking baths are simply afraid of the rising water. Instead of filling the tub, keep the drain open with the water running, wet your dog. A spray attachment is best for this. Constant praise and reward your dog with a treats.

2) Don't make a big production about the bath. Do not mention the word bath. Get everything ready before you take your dog's collar off and lead him to the bath area.

3) Get someone to help you. Alternatively, some baths come with restraints or you can buy them separately. This will be so much easier for you and your dog. There is an article on my site on dog baths, you may find a few ideas there. In the next couple of weeks another article will be posted so you can check back then if you wish.

As for something to calm your pet dog, there is a product "Comfort Zone for Dogs"
icon that may be helpful to you. This is a natural product. I do not like the use of drugs unless it is really necessary for a dog?s health and welfare. There are some other options there also, take a look.

Nov 17, 2008
Here are some options... By Donna - dog-beds-n-beyond

OK, I have shopped around for you and I would say that for the dry shampoo go here... the prices are good and they also guarantee to have the best prices.

Have a look at this Indoor/Outdoor Pet Sprayer and while you are there click on the doggie washer and then you will see the bathing tethers as well which have suction cups, I think these would be ideal.

I do not know what your budget is but the Rapid Bath Pet Bathing System is so great, bath your dog is just a few minutes inside or outside. Perfect for a dog that is tad stressed about bathing.

I hope this has been helpful.

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