The Beagle and the Pizza

Submitted by Jose, Orlando

I have had my 8 year old Beagle, Skipper, since he was 4 months old. I was in college when I adopted him, and we had only been together for 6 weeks when I learned how resourceful he truly was. I was in the middle of final exams, studying late at night and had just finished eating a pizza. As is typical of this breed, Skipper begged me for a piece, but I knew all that cheese and bread would not healthy for young and growing puppy. Sorry Skipper, no pizza for you. I finished eating half of the pizza, and left the rest sitting on a high chair I knew Skipper could not reach (or so I thought). I went back to studying for my 8:00 AM exam. My college apartment had two large but flimsy bean bags that were on opposite sides of the room. Skipper loved to play around with the beans bag, jumping and rolling around in them. As I sat down to study, Skipper started his play time with bean bags (or so I thought). Little did I know, that Skipper was actually pushing the bean bag from one side of the room right next to chair. The next sound I hear is the pizza box falling from the chair, and sound of a hungry Beagle gobbling up all the pieces of the pizza. By the time I got to the scene of the crime, it was too late. I looked at Skipper, his tail wagging and his face full of bread crumbs and cheese and I smiled. I said to him, "Okay buddy, you've earned it.


Dog Training

A Beagle is a medium-sized dog breed and a member of the hound group. They are scent hounds used primarily for tracking deer, bear, and other game.

They are a loyal breed and most often very well tempered. They love exercise and are friendly (love being around people), have a good temperament, are loyal, playful and eager to please, determined with a definite mind of its own.

This hound has a tendency to roam if not obedience trained and do require a well fenced yard, a nice size dog run, and/or obedience training if you live in a residence with neither a backyard or dog run.

Smart and adaptable, these dogs fit perfectly in most types of households and rank as one of the top choices for families.

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