Beagles - The Missing Sandwich Dog Tail

This story was submitted by Monica - Orlando, Fl

I have two Beagles who are ALWAYS looking for ways to get human food. This dog tail took place the day before my wedding, and I had eight people staying with me at my house. Since there were so many people, we decided to get some sandwiches from a local shop. Everyone was getting comfortable, finding their seats, looking for drinks, napkins and the such. My brother's girlfriend put her sandwich--a six inch sub--on one of the side tables by my sofa. She turned around to talk to someone and left the sandwich sitting there. No one noticed for about 20 seconds that one of my Hounds had run up to the table and grabbed the sandwich. He started tearing the food up until someone noticed. When we saw him, he had eaten half the sandwich. When he realized he had been caught, he literally started to gulp the food down, taking no breathes and looking frantic. In less than 10 seconds the rest of the sandwich was gone. He slept the rest of the afternoon, and we were worried because he had also eaten the paper in which the food came, probably to save time! He turned out to be okay but ended up going to the bathroom several times that night.

beagle Characteristics of the Scent Hound Breed

They are pack animals and prone to separation anxiety. They are great family dogs and very good with children, even toddlers. This breed has a gentle disposition, are loyal, friendly and like to go on long walks but tend to be distracted by enticing smells. They are curious and famed escape artists and pounds all over North America will often pick up strays of this breed. Generally they live from 10 - 15 yrs. but if they are well looked after they may live to be 20 or more.

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