Best Dog Bed - Choose Beds for Dogs with Comfort and Style in Mind

The best dog bed is a matter of personal preference plus the size and age of your dog. Whether you are searching for large dog beds for your big dog or designer dogs beds to pamper your best friend, you are sure to find a style that is ideal for your pet and one to fit into the decor of your home.

It may be tempting to allow your puppy to sleep on your bed but consider that habits will last a lifetime. Your furry friend will expect the same sleeping privileges when he becomes an adult. Choose a comfortable bed for your dog and he is more likely to sleep in "his" bed rather than curl up on "your" bed or sofa.

While your dog wants to be part of the family, of equal importance is providing a comfortable quiet place for your buddy to escape from the hustle and bustle. Remember, he spends at least 50% of his life sleeping.

Dog beds Offer Other Benefits

  • Beds provide warmth, support, and a sense of security for puppies.

  • For an older dog with arthritis or hip problems, therapeutic dog beds are ideal.

  • Insulated beds keep dogs warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

  • Dog beds are hygienic and will relieve allergies by helping confine dog hair, dander, odor and stain to the pet area.

Best Dog Bed

In the past a dog slept on couple of towels in the corner of a room. Today there are an array of beds from which to choose. The best dog beds will be functional, stylish and have removable and machine washable covers.

Let's take a look at some of the many options available to you.

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designer dog bed Designer - For dogs and their owners who desire style and fashion.

Chew Proof - An ideal choice if your dog's hobby is to chew on the bed.

Raised - A hammock style bed that is sturdy and affordable.

  • Fleece - soft and comfy, like sleeping on a cloud.

  • Coolaroo - The Coolaroo is Comfortable and easy to care for.

  • Memory Foam - Provide your pet with the comfort he deserves.

  • Heated - Keep your pooch warm on those cool winter nights.

  • Bolster Style - Great for our canine friends that are large breeds and those that like to circle around, making a nest. The ultimate in comfort.


    To size your dog’s bed measure him lying down. Measure from the base of the tail to the tip of the nose and add 6". When in doubt, go the next size up, you do not want your best buddy hanging out of his bed.

    The Best Shape

    The shape of your dog's bed depends on his sleeping position. If he tends to curl up in a ball, the best dog bed would be round. Consider a nest, pillow, bolster or donut style. If he stretches out, a rectangular bed is a better choice.

    Bed Styles and Frames

    You will find dog bed frames in wicker, wooden and wrought iron. Styles include traditional designed beds as well as a variety of sofa beds and loungers which are unique and fun.

    Try personalizing your dog's bed with his name.

    Choosing A Filling for the Best Dog Bed

    Most beds are filled with foam or poly-fil or a combination of the two. Baffled poly-fil is a good choice, interlocking poly filled tubes will provide a uniform sleep area. Some beds are filled with cedar which may repel fleas. Be sure that a cedar bed is refillable because cedar does become stale over time. Cedar scented poly is also available. High-loft fibers are soft and retain their shape, just wash and fluff and, memory foam for ultimate comfort.

    If you like to travel with your dog or take him on a camping trip, a dog sleeping bag is ideal.

    The best dog bed that will keep your pet's tail wagging? Here is your chance to help keep your best buddy a happy dog.

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    Orthopedic - A great option for your older, ailing or arthritis in dogs

    Large - Ultimate support, durability and comfort for a big dog.

    Wrought Iron - Wrought iron for comfort and luxury.

    Pet Couch - Pamper your pooch and protect your furniture with his own sofa.

    Designer Dogs - Only the best will do for the pampered dog.

    Bedding - beds, blankets, throws and quilts to pamper your dog.

    Wooden Wooden beds are the preferred choice when it comes to stability and...

    Unique - Pamper your dog with a specialty bed.M

    Fancy - Get the bark of approval from your pampered dog.

    Discount - buy upscale beds at reduced prices!

    Pink - A pink bed for the diva in your house would make...

    - Bunks for multiple pets...

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