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The best dogs are the ones in "your life", they bring such joy and unconditional love...

Hi, I'm Donna Boras, owner of dog-beds-n-beyond.com. I live in Canada but spend several months a year in the U.S. I am a life long dog lover and over the years have had many canine friends of various breeds.

As a kid growing up we always had dogs, from Cocker Spaniels, Terriers to mixed breeds. I thought everyone had a dog but of course I soon realized that wasn't the case. It is sad not to have a special friend to share your life with.


All the Dogs I Loved Before

When I grew up and married, our first dog was a Mini Dachshund - "Mr Roberts," he was such a sweetheart but when we moved across the country, we left our little dog with my husbands parents, we missed him very much but he brought a lot of joy into their lives.

Our next dog was a mixed breed, Blackie, whom we found at the local shelter. By then we had 2 kids. Can't imagine raising kids without a dog. He was difficult because he had been abused. Eventually he became very ill and was only with us for 2 short years. shetland sheep dog

Even though all our canine friends were our "best dogs", one had a special place in my heart, a beautiful Sheltie named "Shep." He was so smart, lovable and obedient. He was with us for a number of years. By then the kids were in their teens and we all wanted another dog and decided on a toy poodle, "Bunky" who brought much laughter, happiness and good times to our lives.

toy poodle When our children left home we downsized and were unable to have a dog, because of the condo restrictions.


A few years later our son bought one of the best dogs I have seen, a lovely smooth haired Collie, Reilly, for his 3 boys. They lived in Arizona and we were fortunately able to visit a lot and always looked forward to spending time with our grandchildren and of course Reilly our (granddog). He loved it when we were there because we had lots of time for him and he loved to play and go for walks.

When I retired I needed something to do but did not want to be tied down so it just seemed right to start a business that I could travel with and combine it with my love of dogs which is how dog-beds-n-beyond began.

I started out with little knowledge of the internet or computers. I did some research and came across a company called Solo Build It! I read all I could on this company and others but I kept coming back to SIB because they offered so many services and step by step help that was not available with any other company. I did read the "Masters Course" first, which was very helpful and then decided to go for. It was the best decision I could have made. I now have a business that is fun and SBI provides all the tools to do it as well as having a family type atmosphere where we all help and be helped on the forums they provide. The support is unbelievable. Could not have done this without them. I built this site based entirely on SBI knowledge.

Anyone with a hobby or passion that would like the freedom of having their own business and the flexibility to take it with them anywhere in the world, CAN create a profitable website. If I did it with my passion (my "Best Dogs") so can you! In one word (actually three) ...

Solo Build It! You will have all the tools to succeed at your finger tips without prior techie or internet experience.

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"If you can dream it, you can do it."
~Walt Disney

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