Bichon that Scratches endlessly

by Ev
(Granger, IN, USA)

My Bichon scratches so much that he draws blood. Everything the vet has suggested has not worked from steroids to a special expensive diet.

Would love any suggestions
Thanks You

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Jan 05, 2009
Reasons for Dog Scratching
by: Donna - dog-beds-n-beyond

Hi Ev,

There are several reasons for excessive scratching and itching and you have been to your veterinarian which was the
right thing to do. It may have been miss diagnosed or for some reason you dog is not responding to treatment. You did
not say what your vet had determined was the cause.

Here are some of the most common reasons for scratching and itching...

(1) Environmental Dermatitis - something in the environment is irritating your pet.

(2) Nutritional Dermatitis - you may have to change your dog?s diet. Many pet owners are amazed at the difference when their dog is provided with a high quality meat based diet. Supplements such as Omega Fatty Acids may also help.

(3) Parasitic Dermatitis - there are many parasite treatments on the market - please read through the several pages on our site devoted to Flea Pest Control and Prevention

(4) Demodex Mites - also called ?mange?- they live and reproduce just under the skin surface. It is most commonly seen in young dogs. There is evidence that many cases of Demodex have a genetically transmitted immune protein deficit
underlying its manifestation; the dog?s breeder should be informed of any cases of Demodex mites. If the dog is otherwise healthy, there are effective treatment protocols.

(5) Allergic Dermatitis - it is common and can be lifelong because it is a challenge to diagnose, and once identified it can be resistant to attempts at treatment.

Your dog could be allergic to food, carpeting, blankets, dust mites, mold spores in the air, pollen, plastic food dishes, furniture stuffing...all have the potential to trigger an allergic reaction in your dog.

(6) Infectious Dermatitis - a common affliction of dogs, and is often so irritating that dogs will lick continuously at the lesion and undo any healing that has taken place. This can be diagnosed and treated by your vet.

(7) Neurogenic Dermatitis - most cases have a suspected cause such as boredom, separation anxiety, frustration, confinement, or even a minor physical origin such as a tiny abrasion that captivates the dog?s interest. A Specialist in Dermatology and a Behaviorist may be your dogs' best friends in these cases.

I am not sure how helpful this will be for you as your dog is already being treated. If it is an allergy, it may be difficult to pinpoint.

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