Booger The Dancing Dog in Pilipinas Got Talent

by Agnes Montalbo
(Pasig City, Philippines)

I was watching Pilipinas Got Talent one Saturday afternoon. I was amazed with the Dog named Booger. The dog’s owner taught Booger how to dance to the “Achy Breaky Heart” by Don Von Tress. Booger can step backward and forward and do circles around his trainer at the song’s chorus. It was like a cha-cha dance and it takes a lot of time, effort and discipline to train that kind of dog to dance. Booger was even skipping and touching the trainer’s hand alternatively. You can just imagine how the dog is dancing.

There was even a step where the trainer is not beside Booger so I was thinking maybe Booger was trying to pick up signals from the trainer’s body because they were beside each other but there was a step where Booger was meters away and they have to meet at the center walking towards each other.

How fascinating! The judges were also impressed and they got accepted for that round.

You can view it here...

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