Cairn Terrier - Scruffy's New Home

- By Peggy - Loganville, US

My dog is a Cairn Terrier and she is 8 years old and her name is Scruffy. This story is about the first day we brought her home. When we went to the pet shop to look at puppies we did not know what we would find. The puppies were in their pens and when we walked over to them one puppy stood up and started to whine. She acted like she wanted to be held. We played with her and held her for a bit and then we decided to take her home. She was very scruffy looking because she needed a bath. In the car on the way home I laughed and my husband asked “Isn’t she the scruffiest thing you have ever seen?” Then I said “Scruffy would be a good name!” and she turned and licked me like she agreed. So we named her Scruffy. When we got home Scruffy walked in like she owned the place. She acted like she knew we were her new family and that our house was her new home. She is a delightful little comedian and we love her dearly. She is part people I think instead of all dog.


cairn terrier

This type of Terrier has a working back ground and likes to dig. They are Independent but friendly, alert, intelligent, tenacious and long-lived, the Cairn tends to remain active and playful well into their teens, endearing them to children.

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"Things that upset a terrier may pass virtually unnoticed by a Great Dane."
~ Smiley Blanton