Cedar Dog Houses - Treat your Pet to Many Years of Doggie Dreams

Cedar Dog Houses

This stylish cozy cedar house is one your dog will love! It features...

  • solid cedar wood construction
  • custom painted exterior
  • asphalt shingle roof
  • raised panel floor
  • waterproof
  • easy assembly
For housing our canine friends, cedar hoomes are a popular choice for pet owners and have been for generations. Cedar does stand above the rest of the woods, supplying the best construction material for outdoor use. Attractive, durable and weatherproof, they provide shelter and insulation from the elements for dogs of any size.

These wooden dog houses come ready made in sections easy to assemble. If you would like to do some extras for yourself, insulation kits are available for your convenience.

Reasons to Consider a Cedar Home

  • lasts for years
  • does not need to be treated with harsh chemicals.
  • will protect your dog’s sensitive hearing by muffling the sound of rain, unlike plastic or metal
  • can be decorated to match your home
  • is slow to decay and does not warp
  • a known deterrent for fleas, ticks and termites
Decide on the Options AvailableYou may choose from many house designs, mini-mansions, chalets, log houses and bungalows to name a few. If you have more than one dog, duplexes are available. The options are endless.

The house should be large enough for your dog to stand and turn around comfortably. Dogs instinctively like to cuddle in a snug space.

If the door is offset to the side, it will offer more protection from the weather and a raised floor will help insulate your pet from the cold ground.

Your pet will love his new cedar dog house and have many years of doggy dreams, while you can be assured that you have provided a safe and comfortable place for your best friend.

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