Chew Proof Dog Beds - Withstands the Toughest of Treatment

Chew proof dog beds are ideal for the dog whose favorite past time it is to chew on his bed. These beds are like no other and are preferred by breeders, veterinarians, kennels and experienced owners.

Just because your buddy likes to chew does not mean he should not have a warm, comfortable place to rest. These indestructible dog beds are the perfect answer if you have an avid chewer or digger.

Please keep in mind that chew proof dog beds are not completely indestructible as some dogs can chew through anything.

We have reviewed and rated the beds that would be classed as chew proof and these are the three we would recommend for your chewers...

Chew Proof Poly Resin Platform Bed

chew proof dog bed


The steel and aluminum framed beds are the most “chew resistant” of their kind on the market. So easy to care for, just hose off and air dry. These versatile canine beds come in medium, large and extra large and are easily transported offering various applications.

Raised off the hard cold floor or ground, the frame is constructed with steel, aluminum, or PVC (poly resin). The fabric used is, generally, luggage grade, cordura nylon, canvas, or vinyl, which is extremely tough and durable, even for very large dogs. With a chew proof pet bed the fabric is tucked inside the frame, leaving no loose fabric to chew or choke on.

This poly resin style is very light, durable and supportive as well as being a chewproof dog bed.

More Features...

  • safe
  • can be used indoor or outdoor
  • non-corrosive
  • comfortable
  • waterproof
  • resistant to mildew and staining
  • resistant to puncturing, tearing and ripping
  • lightweight
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Shebang Outdoor Dog Bed

4 stars chew proof dog bed

A odor resistant cushion style bed that can stand up to rough weather or rougher play. Made of 100% polyester and cleaning could not be easier - simply hose it off or throw it in the washing machine. Perfect for dogs of any age and it is UV-protected so no fading, which will keep it looking great all year round.

For added protection you may want to consider spraying the bed with Pet Repellantto deter your buddy from chewing.

Brinkmann Pet Gusseted Round Chew Resistant Pet Bed

If you are one of the many pet owners who have gone through your share of dog beds in the past because of your dog’s chewing digging habit, then it is time to shift to the sturdiest and safest beds that will withstand the most rigorous use - the chew proof dog beds will out last any other beds on the market today, making it also an economical purchase.

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