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I have a chocolate lab who is 1 year and 4 months old. His name is Cooper. We got him when he was 9 weeks old. Everyone said beware of the first 5 years of owning a lab because they chew up and destroy everything. I made it through the first 9 months but in this time frame he did destroy about 6 pairs of shoes, one pair were brand new and still in the box and had only been home from the store for an hour or so, toys, random items left low where he could reach them.

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His landscaping months were fun to deal with. He dug up plenty of plants and made huge holes in the garden. Surprisingly those days are over. I thought this was something I would have to deal with for years but he was either trained or gave up.

Now I am dealing with the fridge. Yes, it was cute when he learned to open the fridge but it is not so cute anymore. He has finished just about all the food in it on more than 10 occasions. Now we got smart and put child locks on both doors to it. I am amazed how smart he is.

He gets his leashiconwhen he wants to go for a walk, which is all the time of course. He knows when I put my heels on I am going to work and he can't come with me but when I put on my sneakers he knows we are going either for a walk or the dog park and gets excited. He is so smart!

We got him a kitten about 6 months ago which he adores. They get along great. He never tramples on her; in fact he is very gentle when he is around her. We named her CC after Coopers Cat.

Cooper sleeps with me every night. He actually puts his head on the pillow next to me, belly up and sleeps like that through the night. He snores a lot so I have to nudge him and he stops. I think that is why I am still single. He thinks my bed is ours. When I ask him where one of my kids are he looks all over the house for them. If I am speaking to the children and mention his name he is all ears. When I go shopping he gets so excited because he thinks I get him something every time, which I usually do. Chocolate labs are great and ours has been the best addition to our family and we would not trade him for anything!!! Regardless of all the destruction he did as a puppy, it was all worth it and I am glad I hung in there through it all.

Our Chocolate Lab, COOPER

chocolate lab

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