Crate Training Puppies - Dog Housebreaking Made Easy

Use a command such as "Crate" and physically place your pooch in the crate, close the door and tell him how wonderful he is. Give him a treat and open the door. Repeat this until your dog is comfortable going into the crate, leaving him a little longer each time. The next step is to leave the room, first for 5 minutes, then 10 and so on. Tell your pet each time you return to let him out, how great he is.

For the dog or puppy that is not responding and afraid, set the water and dog bowls beside the crate and feed your pup there. Entice him by placing the food just inside the crate. Gradually move it toward the back until he is comfortable entering the rate. Do not force the issue.

Sprinkling some treats inside is another enticement ploy. It usually works. Be patient.

A Crate Should be a Positive Experience

Dog crate training is not a punishment; nor is it substitution for human companionship and thus it is important to establish the crate as a positive experience for your puppy or dog. Make the dog feel part of the family by placing the crate in a room where there is a lot of family activity. At night put the crate close to your bed, while house training your puppy. Do not stick the crate in a corner of a room no one goes into.

As pack animals, dogs a need to connect with their pact mates so it is important that you as the owner and the alpha male or female establish yourself as the sovereign of your domain.

Accidents While Housebreaking Puppies

Puppies do not have the attention span to understand that relieving themselves in a particular area was a problem. Any mistakes need to be removed as quickly as possible. Have a good stain and (do not use ammonia based products) dog urine odor cleaner on hand.

naughty puppy If there is an accident, and there will be, it is critical that all evidence is erased. To avoid these accidents when crate training puppies, do not leave your dog unattended until fully trained.

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