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small dog What is a designer dog? This descriptive name does not necessarily refer to a specific breed, but to a trend towards products and services that are available to dogs and their owners.

Everything from stylish clothing , Designer Carriers and Designer Dog Beds. People love to pamper their pets and dogs enjoy the spoiling.

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The ordinary will not do for your pampered dog. Now your best friend can have a stylish sofa, couch or lounger of her very own. A posh place to snooze and one that will complement your decor from contemporary to classic style. Select orthopedic padding or from many other filling choices that your doggy would appreciate. Only the best dog bed will do for your buddy.

Luxury beds with faux fur, box spring mattresses or canopy beds are other options for your dog. These styles are all meant to raise your dog off the floor for more comfort and luxury than simply placing a mat on the floor for your pet to dream on. But do not exclude the floor styles because some of the pillow and bolster designs are fabulous and comfy for spoiling your doggy. For the puppy in your home how about a puppy play Pen?

Supermarket food is not for your pet. Only Natural Dog Food will do for your pampered pooch. Smaller dogs have a choice of a pet carrier, tote or bag - more like a purse. It may be a little larger, but these carriers are stylish and trendy with designer names attached to them. Most of the carriers have openings which enable your dog to view the surroundings and are comfortable, cozy and functional.

Walking your best friend will never be the same again once you see the dog strollers. This is the ultimate in pampering but has safety in mind as well.

Doggy Fashions

A chic fashion line of high end clothing, collars and jewelry is also available to dress your dog in, as well as everyday attire such as sweaters and jackets. Take a look at the vast assortment of Dog Clothes .

Dog Wardrobe


A wardrode is ideal for to keep all of your dog's adorable clothes and accessories, collars, leashes, treats, toys, and shoes like these cute sneakers specifically designed for teacup breeds, these fun accessories will finish off any outfit. Everything will be organized in one central place.

Canine Doggles!

Doggles are not just a fashion statement but are protective for your buddy's eyes from winddebris and sunlight. They are shatterproof, block 100% UV light and anti fog. They wrap aroundyour dog's head with adjustable head and chin staps which fit securely. The frame iscushioned and they all come with a carrying case.

Does your dog hang your head out the window, ride on a motorcycle or truck? Maybe your bestfriend is sensitive to light or has a eye disorder. Protects your pets eyes while running through the brush. Doggles have many applications.

Treat Your Dog to a Massage

Treat your furry friend to some of the top saloons that offer dog services such as massages, pedicures, and hot baths. Only top products are offered. These saloons are all decked out to make the “customer” at home. They offer special treats and bottled water while they enjoy the pampering.

Designer dog will enjoy the spoiling but ultimately the most fortunate dog is the one who is well loved and cared for.

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