Dog Urine Problems

by Gary

We are currently having troubles with our dogs, urinating in the basement. wondering what is a good idea to stop this bad habit. We also have 2 cats, not sure if that has anything to do with it, but the litter boxes are in the basement also. They are all male animals.Need something good to get rid of the smells.Large breed dogs one is 145ibs 3years old and the other is 70lbs 2yrs old. Any suggestions would be great.

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May 13, 2009
Solving Dog Urinating Problems
by: Donna -

Thank you for contacting dog beds n beyond.

Your dogs are really big and this is a habit that I am sure you want taken care of asap. It is difficult for me to determine the exact reason for this without more information but I can give you some common causes.

If the cats are new additions to the family, jealousy could be a problem and this it is a matter of making sure your dogs are getting plenty of attention. But I think the smell of urine from the litter boxes is probably the root cause of the urination. A dog will continue to go to an area that smells of urine. So now you have the litter boxes and also the areas where your dogs have been urinating. With males, territorial marking can sometimes be a problem and although it can happen in the house it is not all that common. I am assuming up until now your dogs were house broken and that this is the only place in the house that this is happening.

Whatever the cause, it is important to get rid of the odor and move the litter boxes to an area of the house that the dogs do not have access to. Once you do this it should hopefully rectify the problem.

You did ask how to get rid of the odor; I am going to suggest a cleaner that I have had good feed back on from my customers. It is guaranteed, cost plus $25.00, so you have nothing you loose. It comes separately as a
urine cleaner or odor remover but the best buy is the combo pack. You will find the link for the stain remover and odor remover here ... as well as two articles on urine cleaning.

I hope this is of some help to you. Please let me know how you make out and if I can be of further help.

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