Dog Abuse with a Happy Ending

"Dog Abuse of Khan" is Part 3 of Rescue Dog Adoption canine stories continued...

Geri’s son Nicky is a “canine cop” who worked with five German Shepherds with whom he lived. Nicky’s job is to search for drugs and arrest the dealers, with of course the help of his dogs. Khan was used as payment for a drug deal gone sour. He suffered dog abuse from being neglected, starved and abandoned. When we adopted him, he was thin, frail and as we later discovered had the worst case of separation anxiety I had seen in any dog. Nicky arrested the drug dealers and took Khan to his mother Geri knowing she would have no trouble finding a good home for him. He was brought into Geri’s shop on Monday - the day Mugsy passed away and adopted on Thursday when we brought him home. God turned grief into joy and that was no coincidence! Anyway, Khan came to us and the drug dealers went to jail. I think that was justice.

When we brought our new puppy home, Al and I began thinking of an appropriate name – something unique. He was truly an exceptionally beautiful dog. He needed a name to match his regal appearance. Recently I had been reading a history of world conquerors. Kubla Khan and Genghis Khan were mentioned. We received numerous accolades regarding the originality of our puppy’s name.

Khan was surely a conqueror. He survived dog abuse and all the obstacles thrust before him and deservedly found a new home and a better life. As a home-coming gift we gave Khan Mugsy’s Burberry blanket. We know Mugsy would have wanted him to have it.

My close friend Judy had a mat made for Khan to lie on with his very own name on it. He was really home now. We also purchased two new beds, one for the living room and one for the bedroom. There was a method to our madness. The bed in the living room was to keep him off the couch (Mugsy’s favorite place).

The bed in the bedroom belonged to both Khan and me. When Al wasn’t home I permitted Khan on the bed. This was a very special time of the day for both of us. Whatever tension existed within me when Khan put his head on my stomach, all became right with the world. Somehow his presence released every bit of stress in my body. We took our afternoon naps together. Although the hours varied from day to day depending upon my daily schedule, Khan and I always kept our standing appointments.

Al does not permit Khan on the bed. This is a hard and fast rule. Khan has tried in the past but Al stares him down. Every now and then Khan will try but Al wins the first round. However it is Khan who really is the winner of this competition because in the evening when the three of us watch T.V., Al’s pillows are covered with Khan’s fur. During the time Khan spends with me during the day, he seems to find Al’s side of the bed the most comfortable. So every evening Al annoyingly gets the mini-vacuum to remove the dog hair. This is always a tremendous inconvenience because Al has to get out of bed to get the vacuum. Now he keeps it on his side of the bed.

We’ve recently moved to a wooded area in New Jersey and Khan enjoys his new virtual playground – an acre of land. We have daily visitors: deer, a friendly fox, a ground hog I’ve named Maurice and a very old tortoise we call Felix, who has joined our pack. Khan has employed a degree of selectivity because the uninvited visitors appear daily without invitation. After all this is his domain. An occasional howl or two manage to keep the trespassers away.

Khan has completed our family. We’ve all come full circle; the pet we’ve saved from dog abuse has and in turn saved us.

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