Dog Adoption - a New Home for Khan

Part 2
Rescue Dog Adoption Dog Tail continued...

This was a final sale! Geri knew I wasn’t leaving without him. “Well,” she said, “I promised him to another woman about two hours ago but I haven’t heard back from her yet.” When she saw the tears well-up in my eyes, I could see them in hers as well.

“Susan, it would break my heart to let you walk out without this puppy. “Puppy,” I gasped. “Yes,” Geri said. “He is only two years old and growing,” she added. “Growing? How much does he weigh?” I asked. “About 90 pounds!” Geri laughed. “Well here we go again, another “small” puppy. Al will just love him.” I laughed as I remembered all our other “small” dogs.

It was about 3pm and time to call Al back. I noticed three voice mails on my cell phone which I had previously ignored. Al had no idea I had gone to Geri’s but after a morning of crawling around the house looking for Mugsy’s fur and putting it in plastic bags while crying, Al picked me up from the floor as he went down on his hands and knees to finish the fur-finding. How many husbands would have done this? He was wonderful and I was pathetic. Today was Thursday. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent in bed. I called Al back to tell him I was at Geri’s and had found our next possible dog adoption, at which point I began to describe him. Al listened quietly and responded with one brief inquiry – “Oh, how large is he?” Al asked. I replied, “Well, he weighs less than Mugsy.” Of course I did not reveal that Khan weighed 90 pounds. Mugsy weighed 128 pounds, so I didn’t lie but withheld all other information.

When Geri saw tears in my eyes and assumed Al would not be thrilled with the prospect of a 90 pound puppy, she grabbed the phone and said “Al, just come down here and see the dog. The two of them are in love!” Well that did it! He didn’t have a prayer. Al arrived a half hour later and saw Khan on the leash Geri had given me as the two of us were standing there waiting to go home. My husband had a smile on his face not unlike that of the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland. “Can we keep him?” I implored. To which he replied “Sweetheart, how can I deny you anything?” Well true to his word, Al could not nor did not deny me the dog adoption of Khan. Geri told us a bit about Khan’s background before we left with him. Continued...

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