Dog Backpack - The Hands Free Carrier

The hands free dog backpack carrier, is for the active dog owner who would like to take their dog for a bike ride, stroll through the park, hike through the mountains, or do any other number of things that you would normally throughout the day. They are designed with you and your dog in mind; you will love how easy it is to transport your doggie with this convenient carrier. Instead of simply taking your dog for a car ride, he will enjoy being perched up on your back viewing all the activity that is going on. You and your pooch will enjoy the opportunity to bond together, no matter where you go.

Safe And Secure

Backpack Carriers allow you to transport your dog safely and securely. The security systems are snug enough to hold your pet without the concern that he will jump out. The aluminum framed canine backpacks are sturdy, and your dog is held securely with a collar. Some will double as a car seat or the versatile 3 in 1 style converts to handbag, backpack and shoulder bag. Additionally, if you are planning to travel by air, some of these packs are airline approved and conveniently convert from a wheeled carrier to a backpack. Some backpacks have all of these functions, dog backpack like the All I GO2 Pet Carrier! that has 5 key functions. As well as a back pack it is a roller bag with a telescoping handle that is an airline travel bag, hand held tote and car/booster seat.

Style And Comfort

Backpack carriers are made specifically for small dogs. They are lightweight and available in many styles, colors, fabric and padded for your canine's comfort. Linings come in lambskin, wool or a soft layer of carpet. For your convenience pet backpack carriers come with storage pockets, padded shoulder straps and your dog will enjoy the good visibility these packs provide.

pet backpack

If you prefer a backpack with a rugged, outdoorsy look, the Casual Canine Camo Backpack Carrier is perfect if you have a best friend that appreciates the great outdoors. I should add that this particular backpack is best for dogs up to 10lbs.

It is constructed of durable nylon with the popular and fun camouflage print. It has a removable, washable bed and a safety collar clip, plus padded shoulder straps.

No matter which style you decide on, you and your best buddy will enjoy many recreational activities with your dog backpack!


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