Give Your Pet A Lift With Dog Bed Ramps

Dog Bed Ramps

If you are concerned about your dog's hip or joint problems or just looking for the best way for your puppy to get from the floor to elevated places like a bed, sofa or favorite chair, you should consider a dog bed ramp. These handy devises allow your pet to get up and down without straining or hurting herself. Additionally, it will protect your furniture from damage due to clawing.

Pet ramps come in various shapes, widths and heights, slopes and styles.

Your selection will depend on your dog’s unique size and physical abilities, where the ramp will be used, your personal preference and budget.

Features To Consider

  • Safety rails
  • Easy assembly


  • Non loop carpet
  • Good traction
  • Furniture grade quality
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Solid support (it should eaily hole your dogs' weight)
  • Lightweight for easy mobility
  • Easily cleaned
Other Options

Select a free standing ramp with a platform at the top, allowing easy exit for your dog. Folding and adjustable styles are available for convenience and easy storage.

Choose from dark or pale wood, aluminum, plastic, pvc frame or a combination of these materials. A variety of carpeting choices are available. Instead of carpeting, some ramps are installed with a rubbery, non-stick surface. This can make cleaning a great deal easier and greatly extend the life of the ramp's walking surface.

Pet ramps are not only functional but are attractive and may be purchased in colors to compliment your home decor.

Most pets will take to their new ramp right away. If your dog needs some encouragement, walk your best friend up and down a few times for a chance to acclimate to the ramp. Place a treat at the top of the ramp for further enticement.

Dog bed ramps are one way for you to not only pamper your best friend, but to take care of her health and safety. Your pet will love them!


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