Dog Car Barrier For Safe And Comfortable Travel

Dog Car Barrier

This Remington vehicle safety pet barrier fits all SUV's and is easy to install and remove with an expansion of 36" - 70" wide and 28 3/8" high. There is a red plastisol coating on top to help protect the headliner. It is easy to install and remove, does not rattle and is made with a non glare finish for ultimate safety and security. I also gets good customer reviews.

Pet Car Barrier A vehicle barrier is a safety item you should consider if you have a dog and own a station wagon, van or SUV. A pet car barrier will prevent distractions while you are driving. Provides safety for the cars' occupants and allows more freedom for your dog then a car seat restraining system. It will confine your dog to the cargo area and prevent your enthusiastic puppy from jumping into the front seat.

The Right Barrier For Your Dog

There are several types of dog barriers available when traveling with your dog - wire mesh, soft net and metal tubular styles. Most are attractive, adjustable, & easy to install. Some are portable and will fold up. When thinking about which barrier is best for you and your dog, consider your dogs age. Is she still a puppy and likes to chew on things? If so, the net barriers may be a poor idea and a better choice might be a metal barrier. If your dog is older and you only want to merely prevent her from jumping, a nylon mesh barrier might be all that you need. If price is a consideration, keep in mind that while a metal barrier might be more expensive, a nylon mesh barrier will need to be replaced more often.

Car Barrier Features and Considerations

  • Easy installation and removal.
  • Secure fit.
  • Adjusts to fit your vehicle.
  • Lightweight for easy transport.
  • Components to protect your vehicle from damage and your dog from harm.
  • Durable construction.
  • Guarantee.

Generally vehicle barriers are used for the cargo area of vans and SUVs but soft mesh barriers are also available for restraining your dog in the back seat of your car, however, a harness, car seat or dog seat belt works best for traveling in a sedan or truck.

Whether you drive with your dog every week or you're looking for a good solution for transport when planning a vacation, a dog car barrier is one of the best purchases you can make towards giving your dog a safer ride and yourself a less stressful one!

pet car barrier T-Flex Barrier strong, welded tubular frame with 6 telescopic bars for maximum strength.

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