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Lookout Dog Car Seats where you will find GREAT PRICES and FREE SHIPPING on all LOOKOUT CAR SEATS!

Lookout Oversize II Pet Car Seat With Storage

  • perfect for small dogs up to 25 Lbs
  • washable
  • use as a dog bed at home or away
  • serpa interior
  • safety strap
  • pull out storage drawer
  • available in 4 colors and fabrics - quilted nylon - black, gold and rose paisley and cotton/poly blue/tan plaid

The patented Lookout Snoozer dog car seats are a name you can trust and are a popular choice for dog owners. There are several designs, sizes and varied features to choose from and they all SHIP FREE! If you have two dogs, consider the Lookout Buddy it may be ideal for you and your best friend.

What Customers had to say about the Patented Outlook Seat

"Looks great in the car, easy to put in and take out.."
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"I cannot speak highly enough about these seats. We have had them about four years now..."

"I just ordered my second one for another dog we added to our family. This is absolutely the best product on the market for traveling with small dogs. It gives them the ability to look out a window... securely and safely.."

Dog car seats provide a special seat for your dog and a worry free drive for you knowing that your best buddy is safe, secure and comfortable.

While pet seats limit your dog from roaming around the car, promoting safer driving, they also allow your pet to look out the window, sit, stand, lie down and just enjoy the ride.

Dog seats are designed to be used with seat belts but can be used in combination with your dog's car harness for added security and complete pet safety.

If the Outlook dog car seats are not what you are looking for there are various other designs that are sure to suit your pets' needs and one that will compliment the interior of your car and keep the seats clean and damage free. like the...


  • padded and quilted construction
  • provides unobstructed view
  • installs securely on any car seat
  • removeable liner for easy cleaning
  • for dogs up to 40 lbs
  • machine washable
  • easy installation
  • storage pocket
  • safety leash included
  • removable padded interior lining

If you are looking for the convenience of a car seat, carrier and stroller all in one, this travel systemcould be the perfect answer.

There are four methods of restraining your dogs while traveling, dog car seats, dog seat belt or travel harness, a combination of both or a dog car barrier.
No matter which one you choose get your dog accustomed to traveling that way before a family vacation. A little preparation will ensure a fun and safe holiday for all family members including your best buddy.

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