Dog Crate Cover - Transform Your Dog's Kennel to a Cozy Retreat

Dog Crate Covers

Three-piece decorative set provides comfort for your pet with thick durable padded sides. Consists of a Crate cover, mattress, and bumper pad, all color coordinated. These covers are completely washable. Several colors available to compliment your home decor and a size to fit your dog's crate. The mattress is reversible and the bumper is filled with allergy free and mildew resistant poly fiber. Additionally, it features velcro for easy-on and easy-off convenience.

dog crate cover

Crate covers will transform your dog's metal crate into a safe, comfortable "bedroom" to retreat to when he is over stimulated or just in need of a nap. The cover will snugly envelope the kennel, leaving only the door area open, giving your dog the feeling of being in the security of a den.

This will protect your dog from kennel related injury the same way bumper pads protect a baby in a crib and providing a more comfortable place for your dog.

Size the Crate Cover

Covers come in a wide range of sizes. Measure your dog's crate from front to back. If you find that your crate is slightly larger than a crate cover, go to the next size.

Crate Covers to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

These attractive covers are beneficial to your pet by alleviating anxiety and increasing security. This makes transporting and training much easier. When your dog feels more secure, he is not as prone to nervous barking or other behaviors that are associated with anxiety.

Alternatively, you may just want a crate bed for your buddy and there are many to choose from.

Dog crate covers will provide your dog the security and comfort that he needs and deserves while making the kennel more attractive in your home.

A secure, comfortable dog is a happy dog!

Dog Crates from Dog Crate Covers

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