Dog Crates - Will Be You and Your Dog's Best Friend

Dog crates are available in a wide array of sizes and styles. Wire dog crate and plastic canine kennels are popular choices for pet containment and a great option for you and your new puppyor older dog. Owners, veterinarians, trainers, and show exhibitors have used and accepted dog cages for years.

Crate Training for Fast Results

Training your best buddy using a crate is the fastest, most efficient and humane tool for housebreaking your dog. This method takes advantage of your dog's natural instinct not to soil his resting or sleeping area.

Other Advantages of Crating

A crate also provides your dog with a warm and comfortable place to sleep, away from household distractions. Dogs are den animals and instinctively seek out small, cozy places for rest, shelter and security.

Finally, whether you choose a wire, soft or plastic carrier, they are useful when a confined area is required for the security and safety of your best friend, when you travel with your dog and to protect household items from being chewed when he is unsupervised.

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Proper Use When Crating

Points to Consider

  • It should never be used as a punishment mechanism.
  • Your puppy should never be confined in his kennel for an excessive period of time.
  • Your best buddy requires daily companionship, interactive play and exercise.
  • Your pooch is never too old to crate train - you can teach an "old dog new tricks."
Sizing Your Pet's Kennel

Crates or cages should be just large enough for your puppy to stand, stretch, turn and lie down.

A Recommended Guide for Sizing Your Dog's Crate:

  • 12" - dogs weighing up to 12 lbs xsmall
  • 24" - dogs weighing 11 - 25 lbs small
  • 30" - dogs weighing 26 - 40 lbs medium
  • 36" - dogs weighing 41 - 70 lbs large
  • 42" - dogs weighing 71 - 90 lbs Xlarge
  • 48" - dogs weighing 91 - 110 lbs xxlarge
  • 54" - dogs weighing over 110 lbs Giant
Types of Crates

wire dog crate Wire Crates

A wire cage is easy to clean. They offer great ventilation and visibility for your dog. With removable panels, wire cages also allow you to increase your dog's area within the crate as he grows. You may choose from the drop pin design for a permanent enclosure or the fold and carry style.

Plastic Dog Crates

If your dog likes his privacy, consider a plastic crate. Plastic carriers are required by airlines when your pet travels in the cargo area. A plastic enclosure is easily cleaned, lightweight and reasonably priced. As with the wire and soft styles, the plastic crate is available in the fold and carry design for easy transport and storage.

soft pet carrier Soft Crates

A soft dog crate is collapsible and lightweight. It will provide your dog with a stronger sense of security but still allows visibility and airflow. They are unsuitable if your dog chews or digs at the crate.

Wood And Wicker Crates

Wood and wicker crates are very stylish and comfortable, but as with the soft styles if your dog is still at the chewing stage, this type would not be the best choice. See Puppy Training.

If you have a puppy, consider a wire or plastic dog crate. You will need a kennel that allows for growth.

An ideal choice that combines quality with affordability is the

Midwest crate...

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