Dog Diapers the Convenient Way to Protect Your Home from Pet Stains and Odors

Dog Diapers

Dogs are certainly man’s best friend. But sometimes that friendship is strained because your four legged friend has an accident on the carpet, hardwood floor or on your favorite arm chair.

Dog Incontinence

Diapers for dogs are designed to accommodate the male or female canine that experience excitable urination, are incontinent, are not yet house trained, or for female dogs in heat. Pet Diapers are the best thing that has happened for the estimated 600,000 pets that encounter these problems. These happy dogs are now allowed back in bed, up on the couch, in the car, and out in public.

Incontinence can be a stressful situation for dog owners and it is common among older dogs. Female dogs will sometimes develop this condition after giving birth.

Diapers - Comfort for Your Pet
dog diapers The diaper is not tight or restrictive and most dogs adjust to it within 5 minutes. The diapers are lined with a soft flannel fabric, have an absorbent mesh liner for protection from leakage and are machine washable. The sizes range from XX-small to XX-large.

Do pet diapers hold solid waste? This is a common question. They are primarily designed to hold urine, but depending on your dog's anatomy they might hold feces. To be certain you may want to consider using a disposable diaper underneath the cloth diaper.

Diaper Liners

The liners are an accessory used in conjunction with the diaper garments for added absorbency and recommended for dogs over 55 lbs., for dogs that have a heavy flow or to keep your pet's bottom drier. The replacement pad or liner can be attached to the appropriate place on the diaper garment and should be changed as needed.

Disposable vs Cloth

Disposable diapers are also available for convenience but are more expensive than the cloth design. Are they environmentally safe? This should be considered. From a health stand point disposable dog diapers contain trace amounts of the carcinogen dioxin, as well as large amounts of chemicals for absorbency and perfumes. Cloth diapers are a natural fiber. Disposables hold 7 lbs of fluid, but how long do you want your doggy in a wet diaper.

Dog diapers are designed specifically for dogs for comfort and to protect against irritation and will eliminate the mess and odor in your home. Many dogs and dog owners have been successful and happy with this product.

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Properly trained, a man can be dog's best friend.
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