Dog Doors - Allows Freedom for You and Your Dog

Dog doors are great if your four legged friend likes to stay inside most of the day or if you are away for long periods of time. The doors will allow your dog the freedom to come and go as needed. It will eliminate the worry of having your best friend penned up all day and will prevent accidents and messy cleanups; particularly; if you have a dog with bladder control problems. If you have an active dog that comes and goes frequently, this is a perfect solution.

Sizes to Accommodate any Breed.

Pet doors come in various shapes, sizes and types of materials. Whether you have a Toy Poodle or a Great Dane, a door exists that will accommodate your best friend. Dog doors can be placed in walls, windows, French doors, screen doors, wooden doors, patio doors and along side sliding glass doors.

Types of Doors

Latching doors are ideal if you want to be able to restrict your dog’s movements. The 4 way latch allows the door to be locked or opened completely or allow opening in one direction. This is great if you want to allow your dog to go outside at any point during the day, but don’t want her coming back inside until after you’ve finished a chore.

An infra red door has a color coded key which is fastened to your pet's collar and will activate the door allowing only your dog access to come and go as she pleases. Lesser doors can often allow raccoons or other small wild animals into your home. To prevent this, consider the latching type or the infrared.

If your budget does not allow for the 2 or 4 way locking system or the infra red door, you will want one that can be latched closed at night to prevent animals from entering your house. Alternatively, you can install the door in the garage or laundry room. Keep the door to that room closed, and any animals that may sneak in through the dog door will not have access to the rest of your home. The other plus to this is your dog can get in out of the rain but can’t track mud all over your carpets.

A high quality or insulated pet door that closes well, will conserve energy. The insulated door is ideal if you have a large breed since the opening will be larger. This is especially important during the winter. Open doggy doors can cause a draft that cools the rest of your house considerably.

Ruff Weather Door
  • all Weather Thermal Insulated
  • double Vinyl Flaps
  • magnetic flap
dog doors The Best and Most Popular Dog Doors Available. Designed for the Safety of Your Pet.

In summary, place the dog doors on the back door for your safety and they should lead to a fenced yard for your pet's safety.

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