Dog Incontinence - Causes of Involuntary Dog Urination problems

Dog incontinence is the uncontrollable, involuntary leaking of urine. The causes are many. The number of cases of incontinence in dogs is likely to increase with the growing number of older dogs and advances in geriatric veterinary care.

Dog Urination Signs to Watch for

If a normally house trained dog suddenly begins to urinate in the house, there may be a medical problem. If you notice any of these indications, see a veterinarian without delay:

  • frequent urination in small amounts
  • blood in the urine
  • straining
  • signs of pain
  • urination in large amount
Possible Causes of Incontinence
  • bladder infection - treatable with antibiotics
  • bladder stones - treatable by surgery or special diet to dissolve stones
  • cushing’s Syndrome (tumor on pituitary gland or adrenal gland, causing hormone imbalance) - treated with medication
  • kidney failure - often treatable with drugs
Female dogs are more prone to urine leakage than their male counterparts. Hormone imbalance in the female dog can cause uncontrolled urination. It may sometimes be treated effectively with drugs.

Dealing with Incontinence

Whatever you do, do not scold your dog for something that he cannot control. It is a medical problem and is not his fault. Just clean up the mess and take your dog out more frequently.

If your dog is drinking a lot, do not limit his water intake. Poisons in your pet's system require extra water to wash them out.

A temporary way to deal with urination, caused by incontinence, is the use of dog diapers or training pads to eliminate messes in your home, diapers are available for both male and female dogs. Training pads may be used under your dog to protect carpet and furniture as well as the dog's bed. Diapers are also great for dogs in heat.

Submissive Urination

Young dogs, female in particular, show submissive behavior by urinating; this is not dog incontinence. This is normal in puppies and young dogs and is generally temporary. It will sometimes happen when the puppy is excited and upon greeting you. Often the dog will lie down, belly up showing utter submission and urinates. Do not correct your pup for this behavior. Try to greet your dog outside or keep a good and stain remover and dog urine odor cleaner handy.

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