Dog Litter Box - a Great Option for Dog House Training

Training your dog with a dog litter box is a relatively new trend in the doggy world. The dog size litter box is made for all dogs; however; this technique is most practical for puppies that are small or will stay small. Larger dogs, over 35 pounds may have trouble targeting a litter box.

Dog house training can be difficult if you are gone most of the day. The litter box is a practical solution in this situation. It will allow your four legged friend the convenience of staying indoors and relieving himself while you are away for long periods of time. It is also convenient if you live in an apartment or condo, are elderly or if you have an older, incontinent dog. Perfect also for boats and RV's.

Dog Litter Box

This is a great training option for small dogs, puppies and senior canines. The Paw Trax Pet Kit. Kit includes 1 tray and 7 Paw Trax training pads. Tray protects floor surfaces from accidents and is easily cleaned with soap and water.

The PETaPOTTY has a sod top (live or synthetic) The average piece of live sod will last 2 to 12 weeks depending on your dog’s size and how often it is used. The synthetic will last up to a year and looks like the real thing. The PETaPOTTY comes in three sizes - 20” x 18” x 6” 34” x 26” x 7” 34” x 34” x 7” Guaranteed not to warp, rot, absorb or deform from any liquids. The top pallet is water sealed preventing liquids from running off the side. It is a sanitary and clean environment; the urine filters through the sod into a drainage tray eliminating any harmful bacteria growth.

dog litter box

If you have a small dog that you wish to truly pamper, the SmartScoop Litter Box is an automated system. It is easily maintained, has a quiet running motor and does not require special litter. It comes in one size - 14" x 17."

Both the PETaPOTTY and the SmartScoop Litter Boxes plus any house training supplies, training pads, litter, repellents, etc. that you require are just a click away.

Dog Litter Box Training like any kind of dog house training, takes consistency, patience and any elimination in the pan should be enthusiastically praised and otherwise rewarded as soon as it happens. One of the main keys to success in house training your dog to use a litter box is to have a way to confine your dog when you are not able to watch him. Traditional crate training involves putting your dog in a kennel when not supervised. The concept is that dogs have a natural aversion to soiling where they eat or sleep. Instead of taking your dog from the crate to the yard, take him to the litter box instead.

Another method of house training with a litter box is to gradually shift your dog from paper or dog training pad to the litter box.

You will also need clean up supplies to take care of any accidents, in or outside of the puppy litter box room. There will inevitably be some accidents as your four legged friend learns how to distinguish his litter box area from the rest of the house. Have a good stain and odor cleaner on hand. This one is for carpets and floors, environmentally safe, non-toxic and will quickly eliminate pet stains and odors. No phosphates, parabens, preservatives, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Gentle and safe to use in areas where pets, babies and small children play yet removes stain and odor.

It is important to thoroughly clean and eliminate odors from dog urine and feces so that your dog is not attracted by the scent and tempted to eliminate again in the same area.

In summary, most breeds can be house trained using a dog litter box. It is also possible to train a dog to use a litter box that has previously gone outside and it is a great advantage when traveling.

Housebreaking Puppies from Dog Litter Box

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