Dog Lovers Gift - Gift Ideas That Will Get That Smile of Approval

Looking for the perfect dog lovers gift?

We have plenty of ideas for great gifts for your dog loving friends that are sure to put a smile on their face and a bark of approval from their best friend. Doggies Christmas gifts aren't just for pet dogs. Most dog owners will appreciate receiving a "doggie-type" holiday gift. There is nothing a dog owner loves more than to have their beloved pets pampered.



We have a few ideas for you to consider and included for your convenience are approximate price ranges and best places to buy dog lovers gifts...

  • personalized dog coffee mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, jerseys, OK, while not original, dog breed specific gifts are popular with pet owners - $15.00 - $35.00
  • household gifts such as a welcome door mats, tote bags or an apron dog gift - $15.00 - $30.00
  • fridge magnets, stickers, key chains, dog breed calendars, mouse pads, stationary, note pads, posters, ornaments, picture frames, posters, night lights - all under $20.00
  • keep sake boxes, toy boxes and Ceramic Dog Bowlsready to be personalized if you wish - 15.00 and up.
  • Dog Beds - $30.00 and up
  • grooming supplies, agility dog gifts, dog leashes and collars including the "Flexi Elegance" and dog jewelry gifts - $5.00 and up

    Designer Pet Carriers

    Below are some gift suggestions and great places to do all of your dog lovers gift shopping...

    SHOP AT THE "GIFT SHOP" for all those dog lovers that appreciate natural and organic products for their pets.


    cafe press t-shirt dog calander framed dog picture

    Unique dog gifts that are not sold in pet stores. Browse the virtual shelves and buy with confidence...

    stainless steel grooming hose

    dog spa Bathing your dog just got easier with the with this highly efficient grooming aid...

    - reduces hand usage
    - assures a good wash
    - produces uniform
    - pressure can be manually adjusted
    - made of good quality stainless steel
    - slip-ring for convenient adjusting
    - essential equipment for mobile pet groomers
    - connects directly with 3/4" x 14 adapter

    Do you have a dog loving friend that likes to give their buddy a quick bath and keep their pet smelling great between baths? The between Bath Spritz is wonderful way to keep that 'just bathed' look and smell without either of you getting wet! It is packaged in an elegant organdy bag and tied with a silk ribbon and gift card. It makes a wonderful gift for any occasion. The Lavender scent is infused with Lavender and Eucalyptus, which makes it calming and refreshing. Peppermint/Tea Tree scent is rejuvenating and a natural remedy for skin allergies such as dry skin and hot spots.

    Hope we have given you enough ideas to get started. Shopping for gifts can sometimes create unneeded stress but knowing what you're looking for is half the job. With a bit of imagination and of course keeping safety in mind, you will have your dog lovers gifts done in a snap. Have some fun with it!

    Happy Shopping!

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