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Are you a dog owner and/or lover? Do you have a question about your canine friend?

smiling dog Due to the volume of dog questions we receive via email everyday, this is what we have done - we have decided to create this page for your quick and easy reference to dog information.

I will do my best to answer any concerns you have about your dogs. This is also an interactive page where the Idea is to ask a Question or Answer one that you may already find here. It is a chance to share your knowledge and help others. Rather than answering individual dog questions via email, this will give everyone a chance to read about problems that others are having, and find a solution.

It will become a FAQ about dogs. Of course you can still contact me if you have a question that you feel would not benefit others or needs a personal response.

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Most Frequently Asked Dog Questions

Question: How do I get my dog to stop barking?

Answer: There are many reasons for a dog barking. Sometimes it is out of boredom, genetics or loneliness. Bark collars are available. There is some controversy over these collars; however; there are different types. Barking should be dealt with from day one. Some breeds are more predisposed to barking than others (usually the herding breeds) but they can be trained to stop barking. You may need some help training your dog not to bark ...

Question: When should I spay/neuter my dog?

Answer: Your dog should be neutered (spayed or castrated) at or around 6 months of age. Female dogs should be done before her first heat. Some vets are now doing this at 8-12 weeks old. Ask what your vet's policy is.

Question: How do I get rid of fleas in the house?

Answer: Fleas can get out of hand very quickly. Your dog brings them inside and they multiply quickly. Your dog as well as your home should be treated. Fleas are a health hazard for your buddy. Please read these 3 articles on flea control and treatments.

Question: My dog goes for walks every day and almost chokes himself to death. How do I get him to stop pulling on the leash?

Answer: This is a common problem for dog owners. You need to be persistent with this. Your dog needs to know who is boss. Each time he tugs on the lease stop and do not move until he stops pulling. You can also try to reward your pet with a doggy treat for doing the right thing. Submit Your Questions and Answers

Question: How often should a dog have a bath?

Answer: Dogs can be bathed once a month. If you bath too often it removes the waterproof natural agents, and tends to tarnish the skin. Use a dog specific Shampoo and a conditioner.

Question: How do I crate train my dog?

Answer: Please see crate training. You will find 3 articles on crate training dogs and puppies.

Question: How do I get rid of doggie odor?

Answer: This article covers dog odor.

I receive many requests for help with sick dogs and the one below is representative of that:

Sick Doberman

Question: I have a 4 yr old doberman. he is usually running around and playing outside. He is very hyper. Today though he is just laying around moping. He is walking hunched over. We look at his private area, and it looks swollen, not on erection. It doesn't look like he has been bitten. Any other advice?

Answer I would not like to speculate as to the problem with your doberman. Please take him to a veterinarian.

Above I listed some of our most frequently asked dog questions. Below you will find the easy to fill out form where you can post your question or answer. (Either scroll to the bottom or click here to skip down to the form.) So for all you dog owners and experts this is an opportunity to share your wisdom with others that are looking for help to questions they may not have been able to find anywhere else for their beloved dogs.

When you ask me a dog question, I will build your own page exclusively for your canine problems and concerns. You may add more questions or let visitors add comments and ratings at the 'Visitor Comments' page, and I will always be there to answer them and help you.

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