Dog Safety - Hidden Dangers for Your Pet During Christmas

Dog Safety - Keep Christmas Pet Safe and Stress Free

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and our thoughts turn to getting prepared for the holidays. For many of us, it means spending time with our dogs and dog loving friends. Lots of hustle and bustle and people coming and going. Some dogs love all the activity, while others do not. Some of our "Christmas dogs" get a tad frazzled or ill behaved during the holiday season.

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Here are some simple tips to minimize your dog's Christmas stress:

  • Keep a regular feeding, exercising and grooming schedule.
  • Keep exposure to guests and increased activity to a minimum.
  • Encourage guests to keep their pets at home.
Make sure your dog has a safe haven to retreat to. Our canine friends like to have a cozy quiet place to call their own. A dog crate is ideal for this, especially during the hectic holiday season.

If your dog is really hyper and if all else fails, try Comfort Zone For Dogs it comes as a plug-in or a spray that you can mist on your buddies bed.

But do try to put some quiet time aside for both you and your dog.

Dog safety over the Xmas holidays is important; being curious creatures, your doggie will want to check out anything new that comes into your home - Christmas tree, candles, decorations, electrical cords, gifts, seasonal plants, chocolate and nuts. You will need to be vigilant and not leave your dog alone where there is potential danger of getting into the wrong things. Separate your best friend from presents and decorations.

**NOTE**A word of caution regarding chocolate. It can be toxic to dogs. Keep your best friend away from any type of chocolate. If by chance your pet does get into it, call the veterinarian. Macadamia nuts are another toxic item for your dog.

Tips for keeping Your Dog Safe

  • It may be tempting to treat your pet this time of the year but don't feed him table scraps.
  • Make sure the front door is not left open by visitors as your doggy may escape and get lost or run over!
  • Be careful while you have the fireplace on.
  • After unwrapping gifts be careful to pick up any paper so that your furry friend does not get into it. He could choke.
Keep dog safety in mind, and have some fun!

Happy Holidays!

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