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dog travel harness

This Dog Seat Belt Harness
is fully padded, fleece-lined safety vest that attaches to the seat belt in your car with heavy duty straps and full metal connectors. Easy installation is easy, and has an adjustable leash Four sizes are available and is machine washable.

allows your dog to sit, stand or lie down, while keeping your dog safely contained and comfortable with a fleece padded strap. Includes a seat belt attachment and heavy duty hardware.

When traveling by car, dogs should be restrained. A seat belt for your best friend is an important safety device and may one day save your pet's life. In some areas, a dog seat belt is mandatory. There are several reasons to restrain your dog:

  • It will minimize distractions to the driver - unrestrained pets are the cause of many accidents. According to the American Automobile Association, pets and loose objects were ranked as the third worst in car distraction.
  • Reduces injury to the driver and passengers - your pet could become a flying projectile if you must stop suddenly or make a sharp turn.
  • Reduces injury to your dog - every year thousands of our beloved dogs are killed or injured in car accidents.
  • In case of an accident your dog could bolt from the car into traffic or may react negatively to rescuers that are trying to help you.

What Customers are Saying About Dog Seat Belts...

I finally broke down and bought the seat belts. They are wonderful. They allow enough room to comfortably sit, lie, or stand...

If you love your dog, you will put them in a seat belt!I have seen many, many dogs (and some cats) severely injured or killed. If only the so called 'loving owners' had belted the dog in, the dogs would be alive and well. Someone just tell me, why say you love your dog when you never secure them safely in your car?...

dog car tether

The Kwik-Connect Tether

o Features strong 1" web and adjusts with a slide
o Attaches to vehicle with just a "push and click" on the vehicle round bar found on all newer vehicles
o Adapts to all vehicles with Retro-Connect Adapter
o Releases with the push of a button

Belt Design

A belt system is convenient and easy to use. Most can be attached to your vehicle's round bar, a feature that is standard in all cars post-2002. A seat belt for dogs may also be attached to your vehicle's seat belt by inserting the car's seatbelt through a loop in the harness designed specifically for this purpose. For a larger dog, the tether portion of the belt should be s long enough to allow him to stand up, lie down or sit, and that the harness sits comfortably along his chest or shoulders. While many of the dog seat belts are adjustable, you may have problems with a dog that is smaller than 10 pounds. Consider a car seat with a built-in harness for small breeds.

Travel Harness Safety Features

In terms of safety features, look for a good dog harness system. Where will the weight of your dog be in the case of a sudden stop? Do not purchase a model where the weight will be borne by a plastic buckle, it will be the first to give in the case of an accident, no matter how strong the straps are. For your dog's comfort, wide straps are usually best, especiallyif they are lined with a soft material like sheepskin. The harness portion of the seat belt must fit your dog well; a harness that is too large will allow your pet to squirm free, while one that is too small can cause sores. In terms of other safety options, check the releases of the harness to ensure that you can free your dog quickly if need be. Put your best buddy in the back seat; air bags can kill dogs as easily as children riding in the front seat.

A seat belt for your dog can run from $15 to $75. Keep in mind that you do get what you pay for. The pricier models will be sturdier, more comfortable and supportive for your dog.

dog harness Some belts are designed to be multi-purpose. a vest protector, seat belt and a walking harness like this 3 in 1 Vest Harness. It connects to seat belts, making vehicle safety convenient, and uses shoulder pads to restrain your companion while walking for a healthy way to stop pulling. Versatility and safety all in one! This is very useful for potty stops on the road so you don't have to disassemble the belt. Available in six sizes to fit dogs weighing 5 to 110 pounds - in Red or Black.

Responsible people buckle up by law. Babies and children must travel with seat belts or in car seats. Concerned pet owners can now provide their dogs with the same protection with a dog seat belt.

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