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My Dog LaddieSubmitted by Amanda - The Woodlands TX

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This is a story about our dog Laddie, a sweet mutt my family got from the pound when I was a kid. He quickly became a very loved member of the family. We all grew up and left home. When it became time to sell the house, My parents moved into an apartment where theywere not allowed to have a dog.

My brother who was living in Los Angeles agreed to take Laddie. Our dog flew to California where he lived happily until my brother had to move. I lived in NYC at that time and had another brother upstate who was able to take him.

The day came for Laddie to fly into to JFK Airport. I had a friend who came to help pick Laddie up. We headed down to the baggage claim. We had almost reached it when I spotted Laddie sitting in the baggage area. He had somehow gotten loose and was very calmly waiting to see what would happen next! I called to him and he immediately ran over, wagging his tail furiously. I clipped on his leash and we were on our way. The image of Laddie sitting in baggage claim at JFK is one that I will always remember!

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