Fleece Dog Beds Are Like Sleeping On A Cloud

Fleece Dog Beds are popular because they are soft, cozy and comfortable. Your pooch will love to snuggle up in one these fuzzy dog beds.

Fleece is machine washable which makes for easy care, so you, as a dog owner, will also love this fabric.

What is fleece? Generally, it is a man made material, mostly polyester, but it can also be of cotton and acrylic. Has a deep, soft nap or pile, usually obtained by heavily brushing with wire brushes or with a pile weave. These warm and fuzzy beds will make your best friend very happy.

There are Various Types of Fleece:

  • Polar fleece - medium weight
  • Micro fleeces are lightweight fabrics, almost like chamois
  • Synthetic lambs' wool
  • Fleecy fabric - weft-knitted: A general term for any plain weft-knitted fabric which has been brushed or raised on one or both sides.
  • Sheepskin

No matter what your choice these fabrics are all soft and comfortable and possess insulating properties which keep your pet cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

fleece dog bed

Heated Fleece Dog Bed are available in a wide assorted of colors, shapes, sizes and designs. Look for fleece mats, pads, blankets, beds and pillows. These can be used on their own or in dog crates, carriers and dog houses. The mats or blankets are also great for travel. Just roll them up and away you go!

Choose From a Variety of Fillings:
  • Poly
  • Foam
  • Poly & foam
  • Memory Foam
  • High loft fibers
  • Baffled polyfil
  • Cedar chips
    No matter what kind of dog bed you select, you are certain to find it either fleece lined or covered. Fleece beds come in heated and orthopedic beds, luxury and designer dog beds as well as bolster style or pretty much any type that will fill the needs of both you and your dog. How about a fleece travel bed! You will be amazed at your choices. If your pet dog would like real luxury, try a sheepskin and faux fur bed, the absolute ultimate in comfort.

    It is nice to have an extra cover for your dogs' bed while the other one is being washed.

    When sizing make sure the bed or pad is large enough, your dog should be able to sprawl out without hanging over the sides. If it is for a crate or carrier, it should just fit the inside dimensions nicely.

    Put a smile on your precious puppies' face with a fleece dog bed! You may never get him out of bed.

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