German Spitz - "Sherry" My Adorable Dog

German SpitzDog Stories By - Renu Nath

This is my best dog story of our adorable pet Spitz, ‘Sherry.” She appeared in our lives in the month of March. She was a little fluffy white ball. I remember her first night; she was so restless because she was missing her mom. I took her in my lap and made her sleep and she did, comfortably.

She loved company and would not like any guests who came to our place, to go leave. Once my brother in law came with his family and he had a son whom Sherry started adored. Perhaps she just fell in love with him. When the time came for them to pack their suitcases and go back, Sherry could smell a rat. What she did to prevent their departure was rather funny. Their suitcase was lying open on the ground. She promptly climbed up the suitcase and sat down inside it. Believe me it was a task getting her out of the suit case.

Dogs are so human and they sure know how to express themselves. Today Sherry is no more but her memories will remain with us for the rest of our lives. She lived a happy and healthy life and was sixteen years old at the time of herdeparture.

She was white in color with patches of brown on her back and ears. She was our toy Spritz, and we miss her greatly.

german spitz

german spitz

The German Spitz breed comes in three sizes, giant, standard and toy.

They require an active household where something is going on all the time as they have a high energy level. They are great with older children but may become a bit snappy with younger kids.

They can be socialized to get along well with other dogs and non-canine pets.

They are very independent and demanding of attention. They do not like being left alone for long periods of time. When properly trained they are a wonderful companion dog and are also very good watchdogs.

The thick inner coat is prone to matting and must be groomed at least every other day. The breed is an average shedderthroughout the year but will also have a seasonal shed.

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