Heated Dog Beds - Tips for Choosing the Ideal Bed

Heated dog beds are a great idea for your best friend and companion. They are designed for comfort and warmth. Creating your dog’s own cozy haven to snuggle in on cold winter nights. Meant for canines of all sizes, ages and breeds. Perfect for ailing, arthritic or older dogs.

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Types Of Heated Beds

The heated dog bed will have an internal electrical heating element that plugs into the wall. Ideally the heating unit is removable so the bed can be used all year round. Other features to look for are chew resistant cord and element (most are covered with PVC material), low voltage, removable cover for easy cleaning, UL and CUL certification to ensure safety, limited one year warranty and dual thermostats that will regulate the surface temperature at 12 to 15 degrees above room temperature. The bed will warm to an optimal 102 degrees when in use by your pet.

DuoTemp is the first one to come up with a bed that can either heat or cool your pet. A good padded bed that can keep him cool when it is hot or warm when the weather gets cold is a great gift for your dog. They are recommended by veterinarians, especially for older dogs. These heated dog beds are designed to be completely safe for your pet as it uses a low voltage electrical system. It has a handy switch that lets you control either heating or cooling.

Another option is a pad that absorbs and reflects your dog’s body heat back to him without utilizing electricity or batteries. They are safe, convenient and low maintenance. Great for travel!

A bed for your best friend that combines heat with a vibrating massage can be ideal. If you have an older or arthritic dog, you may choose an orthopedic mattress with these features. The heat, massage and thick orthopedic foam can ease the aches and pains of sore muscles. Younger dogs will benefit and appreciate these features too. You have the option of using the massage and heat simultaneously or separately.

dog bed warmer You may turn any bed into a heated bed. Simply insert a low voltage electrical heating unit into opening between cover and liner.The heat will radiate through to the surface of the bed, keeping your pooch warm and toasty.

Bed Warmers

A microwave- heated pad, which slips under the cover of any bed. Can be used indoors or outdoors.The pad is bite resistant and filled with a non-toxic material that becomes soft and pliable when activated in your microwave for 5 minutes. It will stay warm up to 12 hours. The pad is hand washable and made to last.

Many beds are designed for indoor use, only. If you intend to use your dog's bed in a shed, barn, basement, dog house or on a porch, check to make sure it is approved for outdoor use.

Heated beds come in a wide variety of styles. Select from heated orthopedic dog beds, mats and pads, pillow and cushion styles, igloo type for the igloo doghouse, oval for small breeds, and outdoor kennel pads. Heated throws are also available.

Heated Pillow Bed (27 x 36)

Petmate Heated Pillow Bed )

A heated Pillow Bed is just what every dog would appreciate to cushion and warm those joints. Great for arthritic pets relieving the inflammation and pain. Features: Plush fiber filled pillow bed with soothing, even heat. Zippered removable cover with thick natural berber and faux suede fabric Safe, low voltage heating with circuit breaker plug Includes low voltage heating element with chew resistant cord.

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Heated Pillow Bed (27 x 36)

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