Housebreaking Puppies - What Method is Best for You and Your Dog

Housebreaking Puppies

It is exciting bringing a new puppy or dog into your home; but it also means a big commitment of time. One of the first priorities will be to house train your dog. Most dogs can be easily housebroken. The time it takes will depend on your pet's temperament and age. Like us humans, some dogs will learn faster than others.

Lets look at some of the methods for housebreaking puppies:

While paper training is the simplest method for house training your dog I am not a fan of the method. If your ultimate goal is to train your dog to go outdoors it is double work! It is better to teach your dog to go outside from the onset. If you live in an apartment, are elderly or handicapped; however, paper training may make sense.

Select the room that you will paper train your dog. At one end of the room, place the bed, food and water dishes. At the other end place newspaper down. The idea is that your puppy will not urinate near his bed or food. Doggy

Naughty Puppy dog training pads

Training Pads are available and are much more absorbent than newspaper. Keep a close eye on your puppy and teach him to eliminate on the pads and then praise and reward him for doing so. If you catch your pooch urinating on the floor, quickly place him on the paper. When your dog is using the paper/pads regularly, you can gradually make the paper area smaller. When completely trained, the paper or pad can be placed elsewhere in the house.

Litter Box

A novel alternative to paper is a litter box. For a dog that spends a Significant time indoors, use of a litter box will allow your dog to go whenever he wants. Litter boxes are a plus for older dogs that have incontinence. Litter box training has several advantages and disadvantages over other methods. One benefit with a litter box is if you travel with your dog, he already knows where to go. The disadvantage of house training a dog with this system is that the litter or sand used can pose hygiene problems and require extra effort to clean.

Crate Training

Crate training is a convenient, efficient and effective way of housebreaking. It is the method recommended most by professionals, including veterinarians, dog breeders and trainers. With crate training, the thing to remember is that when your dog is not confined, supervision is necessary.

Schedule for Housetraining Dogs

No matter what method you choose for housebreaking puppies, setting and sticking to a routine is important as is feeding your dog a consistent diet and avoiding a lot of treats to ensure his bowels and bladder adopt a consistent schedule. Dogs like routine and will look to you for direction.

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