How do I get my dog to ride in the car?

by Joe
(Oak Island, NC, USA)

I can't get my dog to go in our vehicle she is afraid of the car. However,

as with most dogs, she is very fond of food! I simply coax her into the car
with a treat. Of course, once she is inside, she goes back to being scared
and I have not been able to fix that. Still, most dogs, like humans, will put
aside their fear for the right prize.

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Aug 06, 2015
How do I get my dog to ride in the car? NEW
by: Martin Foster

Well, Joe if you know that your dog fond of food then try place his favorite food on the car seat. I think it will work otherwise try doing something inside car that he likes the most. I am sure he will get into this time. Do one thing, have a visit to your vet and try to know why is he behaving like this. Moorpark Veterinarian. Hope it would helpful to you.

May 25, 2012
Westie hates to ride in car.
by: Westie mommy

need help. My Westie Nigel hates the car. He barks from the time he gets in the car until we reach where we are going. We have sold our home have have to drive from Pa to ft Lauderdale Fl. Don't know how we will make it. Our Westie is 10 years old with all the health problems skin, ears eyes ect. I don't want him to get so upset it makes all his conditions worse.
Thanks for any suggestions.

Jan 31, 2012
Getting Large Frightened Dog in Car
by: Donna - dog-beds-n-beyond

If the tempting with food does not work, you may have to make use of natural calming remedies to help with a big dog. Many herbal and homeopathic ingredients are well known for their ability to provide effective stress relief without creating dependency or side effects. Here is a link for you...CALMING HERBS
icon If you can get your dog calmed, you may have a better chance of getting your pet into the car. If this works, follow the advice below to get him used to the car.

Apr 16, 2011
dog wont go into car
by: Anonymous

So, how do I get my dog into the car in the first place? He is a big dog so I can't lift him. He needs to get to the vet and he is afraid of the car and fights us all the way.

Oct 14, 2008
Bribing Your Dog with a Treat
by: Donna

Hi Joe,

Bribing your dog with a treat is not a bad idea to get her into the car but you still have the issue of fear once inside your vehicle. Fear of the car is not an unusual problem. You may want to try this - sit with your dog in the car without starting the engine. Your dog will soon realize it is ok. Keep doing this until he is obviously relaxed. Once you are by that hurtle, start the engine but do not move the car. When your canine friend is ok with this you can begin taking short trips, maybe just around the block. It just takes a little patients and perseverance on your part.

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