How Do I Get My Hyper Dog To Calm Down?

by Joe
(Oak Island, NC, USA)



My dog is a skinny little mutt that we found in the woods at our farm. We guess she is part Dalmation, Pit-bull and some sort of hunting dog. She is completely out of control and I was wondering if there were any techniques or non-prescribed medications that might help. She's driving us nuts!

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Mar 21, 2009
My comment is
by: Dogdude(expert)

Is your dog neutered or spayed if it isn't this may be your problem. You should also check out your dogs gender each one has good and bad traits. Maybe even go to a professional who can tell what mix your dog is if you missed any thing that may be a hyper breed or even a gene or just give him more exercise.

Oct 03, 2008
Calming Your Hyper Dog
by: Anonymous

By Donna Boras -

Yes there are calming products your dog may benefit from. Check out a product called "Comfort Zone For Dogs"
iconIt is a plug-in diffuser that releases a calming pheromone or the spray which you can use on bedding, furniture, etc. If your dog is a tad nervous, stressed or hyper this may be the answer. Please do not give your dog human medications.

Dog training is also helpful for hyper dogs. You can read training manuals, take dog obedience classes or have a one on one sessions with a personal trainer. Your choice will of course depend on your finances, personal preferences, options available where you live and your dogs age.

There are other considerations like your dog's breed, how much exercise he gets, what he eats, has your dog been neutered or spayed and how much attention he gets. Talk to your vet and have your dog checked for health issues.

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