Insulated Dog Houses Keep Your Pet Warm In Winter And Cool In Summer

Insulated Dog Houses

If you live in an area with extreme winter or summer temperatures, consider an insulated house for your dog. It will give your pooch a comfortable haven from severe temperatures. Additionally, heating units and heated dog beds are available providing your pet with a heated dog house, how cozy would that be, for your best friend.

Cedar and fir are the best woods for insulated dog homes. Western red cedar is known to withstand extreme weather conditions in its natural form; keeping your dog cool in summer and warm in winter. As well insulated cedar dog houses, act as a natural flea, termite and tic deterrent.

Tip: Place pet bedding on the doghouse floor for added protection. Premier Pet Aspen Beddingicon is "hypoallergenic" when there is concern that your best friend may have respiratory sensitivities.

If you have a dog house that you are happy with but are concerned about its insulating properties, you do have the option of upgrading. As well as insulated houses, easy-to-fit kits are available that add a cavity wall plus insulation to the inside for added insulating properties for your convenience.

Insulated houses come in many sizes, constructions and designs and here are some dog house features to look for...

  • waterproofing
  • raised floors
  • ventilation and visibility - windows on either side for air flow and visibility but ability to close them off in the winter
  • sealed doors that self close
  • drainage holes and sloped floor
  • roofs that repel rain or snow
Note of caution: Make sure the interior walls and ceiling are finished with a wood paneling so the framing and insulation are not exposed for your dog to chew on.

Types of Insulation and Materials:

  • foam
  • fiberglass
  • felt paper
  • insulated panels
  • refletix- aluminum foil with bubble pack sandwiched in between
  • nitrogen insulation
To keep the outdoor dog comfortable winter or summer, insulated dog houses are a must and it will keep your mind at rest knowing your pooch is warm, cozy and happy.

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