Is He Sick or Not?

by 9 year old

My dog (GOLDEN RETRIEVER AGE 2)has a very dry nose.

His behavior has not changed and he does not seem
sick. Maybe he won't show he is sick because he is well behaved but in the meantime, is he sick or not?

The dogs owner,age 9.

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Jun 01, 2009
Dog with Dry Nose
by: Donna - dog-beds-n-beyond

This does not necessarily mean your dog is sick, since he seems to be ok otherwise. I would be concerned more with the color and texture of your pet's nose. If it has been dry for
a prolonged period of time, if the nose is crusty, flakey, if he is scratching at his nose or has sores see a veterinarian. With the absence of other signs there are many dermatological problems it could be.

Dogs will sometimes have a dry nose if the weather is warm and generally when a dog is active his nose will be moist and dryer when sleeping.

Here are some reasons for a dry nose:

Dehydration - make sure there is always water available.

Allergies and sensitivity to plastic - use stainless steel or ceramic bowls

Sunburn - dogs are prone to sunburn - Use a sunsreen - Veterinarian's Best Sun Spray Sunscreen for Dogs

Diet - look at the ingredients listed on the packaging for your dog?s food, there may be ingredients that your pet is allergic to. Please take a look at some Natural Dog Food

If you suspect something is wrong it never hurts to call your vet and have it checked out.

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