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Snoopy and Madhu

Snoopy and Madhu

How to make my dog not resent my petting a child?

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Oct 14, 2008
How to Train a Dog to Share Attention With a Child
by: Donna -

Your dog may be confused as to where your child falls in the ranks and is trying to get more attention from you, while testing his limits with your child.

If your dog is battling for attention when you are playing or showing affection to your child, do not allow your dog to do this, it is a dominance thing. If jealousy occurs do not pet your dog or give him attention, it will reinforce the behavior.

Dogs do become jealous and being pack animals there is usually a hierarchy with a dominate dog and some sort of pecking order among the pack. it sounds as though your dog does not respect you as the leader. Your pack should consist of you and your husband, the children, and the dog, in that order. It sounds very much as if your pet dog perceives himself to be above the child, and possibly even above you in pack rank. He needs to be taught that he is the "low man on the totem pole," so that he will begin to behave appropriately.

Your dog needs to learn that you are in charge and that you control every aspect of his life, and
to respect that everything he gets - from petting, to playing with you, to his meals - he must earn by doing something that you tell him to do. For instance, at meal time, he eats after you and your child. If he doesn't listen, he doesn't get whatever it was he was wanting, and in some cases, it means he gets put in a 'time out.

Additionally, set aside 30 minutes to an hour each day where you can interact with your dog one-on-one. Take your best friend in the back yard play with him, teach him a new trick, practice obedience for praise and treats. Following a command that he knows for a treat and praise can be a bonding and stimulating experience. This can be done during your child's nap time.

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